Buckinghamshire County Ladies Golf Association

Winter Foursomes

County Cup presented by Mrs Nancye Gold in 1939 (originally the Peate).  At the 1966 AGM it was agreed to discontinue the County Cup due to lack of support.  At the following committee meeting (Nov 1966) it was agreed to introduce the Winter Foursomes and use the County Cup as the trophy. The Competition changed format to  Greensomes in 2022/23.

Year winner runner-up
1967/1968 Mrs Marjorie Gregory & Mrs Pearl Shaw (Burnham Beeches)
1968/1969 Mrs P Maund & Mrs F Jones (Beaconsfield)
1969/1970 Mrs Beatrice Jones (Burnham Beeches) & Mrs Helen Huddle (Stoke Poges)
1970/1971 Mrs Mary Cudd & Mrs Joan Jacobs (Burnham Beeches)
1971/1972 Mrs A Burgess & Mrs Ann Laughland (Beaconsfield)
1972/1973 Mrs A Hindley & Mrs Mary Braithwaite (Denham)
1973/1974 Mrs Mary Cudd & Mrs Joan Jacobs (Burnham Beeches)
1974/1975 Mrs Marjorie Gregory & Mrs Margaret Whitby (Burnham Beeches)
1975/1976 Mrs J Philips & Mrs A Buckley
1976/1977 Mrs Mary Llewellyn-Jones & Mrs Meurice Peaker (Burnham Beeches)
1977/1978 Mrs A Hindley & Mrs R Edgley (Denham)
1978/1979 Mrs Ann Laughland & Mrs Wendy Gardiner (Beaconsfield)
1979/1980 Mrs Jean Baldwin & Mrs Marjorie Greasley (Burnham Beeches)
1980/1981 Mrs Freda Armstrong & Mrs Patricia Cunliffe (Stoke Poges)
1981/1982 Mrs Mary Bartlett & Mrs C Clough (Beaconsfield)
1982/1983 Mrs Marian Purdy & Mrs Jo Smith (Ellesborough) Mrs Marjorie Gregory & Mrs Margaret Whitby (Burnham Beeches)
1983/1984 Mrs Margaret Maisey & Miss Mary Leggett (Ellesborough) Wendy Watkins & Francesca Ralph (Ellesborough)
1984/1985 Mrs Quita Knibb & Mrs Maep Van Beest (Harewood Downs)
1985/1986 Mrs Wendy Gardiner & Mrs P Maund (Beaconsfield)
1986/1987 Mrs Monica Green & Mrs Mary Sawyer (Ellesborough)
1987/1988 Mrs Ann Shepherd & Mrs Betty Jones (Ellesborough) Mrs Ann Coney & Mrs Gaile Ogden (Harewood Downs)
1988/1989 Mrs Valerie Sullivan & Mrs Sue Easdale (Denham) Mary Barlett & Judy Wright (Beaconsfield)
1989/1990 Mrs Marian Purdy & Mrs Jo Smith (Ellesborough) Margaret Whitby & Marjorie Gregory (Burnham Beeches)
1990/1991 Mrs Sally Greasley & Mrs Wendy Bayliss (Harewood Downs)
1991/1992 Mrs Gillian Petter & Mrs Freda Cook (Denham) Mrs B Anderson & Mrs V Stafford (Flackwell Heath)
1992/1993 Mrs June Moore & Miss Barbara Nicholls (Ellesborough)
1993/1994 Mrs Jean Baldwin & Mrs Pat James (Burnham Beeches)
1994/1995 Mrs A (Toni) Strong & Mrs Joan Harris (Buckingham)
1995/1996 Mrs Alexandra Williams & Mrs Mo Harris (Harewood Downs)
1996/1997 Mrs Sally Greasley & Mrs Patricia Milliner (Harewood Downs)

Jean McGrath and Pam Charman (Ellesborough)

1997/1998 Mrs Penny Holton & Mrs Barbara Gretton (Woburn)
1998/1999 Mrs Carolyn Plaistowe & Mrs Sue Beresford (Harewood Downs) Mrs Penny Holton & Mrs Barbara Gretton (Woburn)
1999/2000 Mrs Marilei Baxter (Stoke Poges) & Mrs Jenny Bennett (Richings Park)
2000/2001 Mrs Olive Marchant & Mrs Yvonne Goodson (Woburn) Mila Spray & Stella Haigh (The Lambourne)
2001/2002 Mrs Susan Pringle & Miss Sarah Johnson (The Lambourne)
2002/2003 Mrs Lois Shoosmith & Mrs Sally Simmons (Ellesborough) Olive Marchant & Sarah Leake (Woburn)
2003/2004 Mrs Maria Brown & Mrs Sue McEntee (Burnham Beeches) Diane Wilson & Carol Ritchie (Denham)
2004/2005 Mrs Diane Wilson & Mrs Kathryn Connolly (Denham) Olive Marchant & Yvonne Goodson (Woburn)
2005/2006 Mrs Olive Marchant & Mrs Yvonne Goodson (Woburn) Carol Ritchie & Amanda McCullum (Denham)
2006/2007 Mrs Bernie Howe & Dr Elaine Harrison (Buckingham) Stella Haigh (Harleyford) & Mila Spray (Lambourne)
2007/2008 Mrs Maura Spencer & Mrs Rona Barford (The Lambourne) Gail Sharp & Judith Arnold (Gerrards Cross)
2008/2009 Mrs Maura Spencer & Mrs Rona Barford (The Lambourne) Carola Babcok & Kirsten Hojgaard (Harleyford)
2009/2010 Mrs Sue Clutterbuck & Mrs Eve Mandry (Ellesborough) Linda Rogers & Chris Bodey (Hazlemere)
2010/2011 Mrs Claire Wilcox (Burnham Beeches) & Mrs Sarah Hocking (Harleyford) Jane Wetherall & Julia Gallagher (Woburn)
2011/2012 Mrs Jane Wetherall & Mrs Julia Gallagher (Woburn) Gail Sharp & Judith Arnold (Gerrards Cross)
2012/2013 Mrs Ros Warren & Mrs Susie Turner (Harewood Downs) Sue Carroll & Carol Grant (Gerrards Cross)
2013/2014 Mrs Dot Kelleher & Mrs Nicky Ewart (Denham) Bernie Howe & Elaine Harrison (Buckingham)
2014/2015 Mrs Gilly Brewer & Mrs Gill Outram (Harewood Downs) Sue McKeon & Louise Cosslett (Gerrards Cross)
2015/2016 Mrs Margot Sharp & Mrs Karen Robinson (Buckingham) Pat Elwell & Janet Allen (Harleyford)
2016/2017 Miss Mo Dawson & Mrs Diane Hofman (Buckingham) Gilly Brewer & Gill Outram (Harewood Downs)
2017/2018 Fiona Moore & Sandra Lacey (Chartridge Park) Lois Shoosmith & Mrs Marilyn Plummer (Ellesborough)
2018/2019 Pam Heavyside & Jackie Taylor (Wexham Park) Margot Sharp & Fiona Robb (Buckingham)
2019/2020 Pam Heavyside & Jackie Taylor (Wexham Park) Tracey Searson & Kathy Frazer (Harewood Downs)
2020/2021 Cancelled due to Covid
2021/2022 Dot Kelleher & Nicky Ewart (Denham) Helen Pettifer & Susan Sweeney (Denham)

In 2022/23 the format for the Winter KO changed to Greensomes

year winner runner-up
2022/2023 Pam Tierney & Claire Geenen (The Lambourne)                            Janette Psyllides & Tracy Fowler (Gerrards Cross)            

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