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Delegates' Meeting Minutes 21st May 2008


Carolyn Howell, County Captain
Sue Beresford, County Vice Captain
Lynda Hilton, Hon. Secretary
Sue McKeon, Competitions Secretary - Leagues
Karen Platt, Midlands South EWGA Representative
Wendy Smith, Seniors' Captain
Veronica Boulter, 2nd Team Captain
Sue McKeon Competition Secretary - Leagues
Pamela Seller Competition Secretary - Bucks Shield & K/o's
Georgie Cairns, Treasurer
Di Bovey, Handicap Advisor

Glynis Lawrence, Mentmore
Fiona Robb, Buckingham
Jill Davies, Flackwell Heath
Diane Gilbert, Huntswood
Christine Reading, Weston Turville
Enid Hope, Datchet
Carol Morgan, Farnham Park
Jan Herring, Magnolia Park
Carol Gray, Magnolia Park
Sally Gomm, Chiltern Forest
Gill Cunningham, the Lambourne Club
June Marriott, Whiteleaf
Donna Caldwell, Gerrards Cross
Marilei Baxter, Stoke Park
Dawn Tucker, Hazlemere
Lesley Seller, Chesham & Leyhill
Clare Fulton, Woburn
Sue Woodward, Burnham Beeches
Carolyn Boyle, Beaconsfield
Tina Thomas, Iver
Anne Home, Chartridge Park
Janet Allen, Harleyford
Margaret Ellis, Denham
Jean Gray, Princes Risborough

Jennie Marshall, County President
Mollie Hunt, Stowe
Alison Posgate, Beaconsfield
Jean Batty, Aylesbury Park

Were taken as read and signed accordingly.

We have received two applications for Karen Platt's replacement for the BLCGA representative for EWGA Midlands South Region.
Sue McKeon - Captains Report - London Foursomes
Five Bucks clubs competed; Beaconsfield, Burnham Beeches, Denham, Ellesborough and Harleyford - they all lost their first games. The winners were Chelmsford, who were defending their title and Guildford Ladies were runners up.
The London Foursomes will be permanently based at The Berkshire from 2009 onwards.

4. CAPTAIN�S REPORT - Carolyn Howell:
Welcome ladies, thank you for coming to the meeting.
You will hear most of the news from my fellow committee members. The main event that is most recent was the Spring Meeting and County Championship held at Buckingham Golf Club on 9th, 10th and 11th May.
Some excellent golf was played and two course records were made. First Carole Weir with a gross 73 only to be topped by Kelly Knight's 72 on the Friday. The course was in magnificent condition with tricky greens. The winners on Friday, were:
1st Scratch Kelly Knight Magnolia Park,
2nd Scratch Rachel Drummond Beaconsfield
3rd Scratch Harriet Beasley Woburn
1st Handicap Jo Robinson Mentmore,
2nd Handicap Cathy Armstrong Ellesborough
3rd Handicap Sue McEntee Burnham Beeches
16 qualified for the match play
Our new County Champion is Rachel Drummond from Beaconsfield defeating Stephanie Gough on the last hole. A very close final indeed with awe inspiring golf.

The team is traditionally chosen after the Championships with me and two selectors, who were Veronica Boulter and Karen Platt.
Team is: Rachel Drummond, Kelly Knight, Harriet Beasley, Steph Gough Tasha Gough, Holly Small, Jess Burrows, Clara Leathers, Nicole Whitmore and Carole Weir.
County week is from 23rd June to 27th June at Wellingborough, Northants. The programme will be on the website for you to see.
Clubs who have members playing in the team (Ellesborough, Woburn, Beaconsfield, and Magnolia Park) are asked to produce a notice for caddies for the week. Anyone wanting accommodation the night before if they are caddying early in the morning, may stay at the Premier Inn, Wellingborough, at the County's expense.
I will be telling the team which days they are playing ahead of time to alleviate the problem of availability.

Website: This is being updated as we speak by Helen Mines and Phillipa Cook. The website is being redesigned to be more user friendly, and Helen and Phillipa are saving us a great deal of money by writing the pages themselves. Many thanks to them both.

Members Year Book: - due to members' requests we will be reintroducing the Members Handbook for next year, to see if this increases the response to County Competitions. We have already had to cancel the Spring meeting at Harleyford due to a poor response.

You have a Members questionnaire and we hope that members will actually take it seriously and respond accordingly. Fifty copies given to clubs with a 50+ membership, if you need more could you please photocopy them yourselves?

Midland South Regional Representative - Karen Platt
Report from Regional Meeting held at Kenilworth April 29th
We are now in the planning process for the SE Foursomes which is due to be held here at Gerrards Cross Golf Club on Thursday September 25th. This will be the last event to be held under the previous SE Division rules before it becomes the Midlands South Foursomes in 2009. to poor response.
Australian Spoons:
The amount of information given to Clubs re this competition is felt to be misleading. Anne Andrews (Regional Chair) is to request that more detailed info is sent to the clubs earlier to encourage their participation. Also, it was felt there should be 6 regional finals, not 4 "divisional" finals.
Challenge Bowls:
As this competition has been poorly supported in the past, the Championships and Venues Committee has recommended to the Operational Board to discontinue this event.
Format of Regional competitions:
These are being reviewed with the intention of standardizing comps across all the country where possible. A Regional Tournament Questionnaire has been produced which will be handed out at the Divisional events being played for the last time this year. I have pointed out that as the SE Foursomes is being held in September, it's probably too late for the information from that one - we'll see....
Bucks have made the request that this Questionnaire is made available on the EWGA website.
Junior Competitions:
The qualifying period for the Abraham Trophy has changed from May - April to the 1st March � end Feb.
9 Hole Standard Scratch:
500 9 Hole Standard Scratch Scores have been released to date throughout England. I am awaiting confirmation as to which clubs in Bucks have received their 9 hole scratch scores.
(Glynis Lawrence of Mentmore and Enid Hope of Datchet reported that Mentmore & Datchet have now attained their 9 hole s.s. - Lynda Hilton said Lambourne has applied for it).
A meeting organized by Sue Storer for the County Junior Organisers in August, will be extended to include invitations to the County Captains and 2nd Team Captains in order that all the counties in the new Midlands South Region can discuss how best to move forward with their 2nd Team matches, Junior friendlies and Ist Team practices. The Seniors in some counties are not run by their County Executives but independently. We shall therefore remain pretty much as we are for the foreseeable future, with perhaps 1 or 2 matches with neighbouring counties. Disappointingly, the Operational Board will not give a directive re: Junior Matches and Junior Match Week.
We are extremely concerned that EWGA are backtracking on the amount of financial support they will give to various events. They are now demanding that every regional competition should be self funding from 2009 and entry fees should be set with this in mind including the payment of facility fees which are limited to a maximum (£750). In the past, this has not always been the case with the old divisional events, hence the SE Levy (£15 per club) which EWGA are now collecting and have put into a "ring fenced" pot for Counties who may struggle in the future. Should any County wish to claim for extra money for an event the county will be required to submit their last 3 year income and expenditure accounts.
Our main question is - where are all these funds going, if not to support the Regional events open to the club golfer? As the events are now going to be run by Regional Reps and Counties, the Counties will have increased costs - mileage etc. EWGA should be saving substantial amounts nationally but still won't support a Junior Match Week. However, Jim Robinson is now looking in to some form of sponsorship for Junior Match Week from 2010. Anyway, we are investigating and hope to follow this up soon.
County Match Week facility Fee will remain at £500 per day.
£1000 grant will be awarded to the winning county of each region towards the cost of competing in County Finals Week
The Subscription Levy for 2009 will increase to £8.15p. All clubs should have received notification of this in February.
County Golf Constitution
We have been told that EWGA are asking their solicitors to prepare constitution templates for counties wishing to incorporate. A working party is to be set up. It was felt that few counties would incorporate.
Memorandum and Articles
A draft Proposal from the EWGA Management board was circulated. Apparently the new Articles of Association infer that individual members have the right to be notified of all general meetings. This would be prohibitively expensive, approximately £40,000 each mailing. The solution suggested by the company solicitors is that each County Association pass a resolution allowing EWGA to simply notify each club. This would have to be done within 28 days of county secretaries receiving the proposal. In order for Bucks to vote, we need to ask all the Buckinghamshire affiliated Clubs to consider and vote on this resolution. To this effect, we have enclosed a voting slip attached to the information received from EWGA during the past month. I ask that these slips be returned to Lynda Hilton who will be co-ordinating the returns and then informing EWGA that we are ready to give our County vote. This process will obviously take some time but we have allowed 4 weeks from today i.e. Wednesday 18th June for you to obtain your club's decision.
Please find all the information regarding this, which I have received during the past couple of weeks from EWGA, as an attachment to the e.mail with the Minutes attachment.
Other Matters
EWGA now have a complete list of our Club Delegates and I believe our working copy has the date you change your club officials. However, with your new roles, it is your responsibility to ensure this information is kept up to date and therefore inform either Lynda or myself if someone else takes over from you.
The 2008 EWGA handbooks have been mailed out to the clubs, please check that you have received yours.
The names of the ladies who have shown an interest in taking over my role have been put forward to the Executive Committee and each lady will be written to explaining the application process. This information is also available on our website.

Seniors' Captain - Wendy Smith
The Seniors team had a good start to the season with an away league win over Hertfordshire, but unfortunately our 2nd match, a friendly greensomes, was cancelled due to snow. We are playing Berkshire in our 2nd league match on Friday 30th May.
The Seniors Autumn Meeting is to be held at Harewood Downs on Thursday 18th September - entries are for teams of 3 playing for the Autumn Cup and can be found in your club's 2008 County Year Book/Folder, on our website or from me after the meeting.

2nd Team Captain - Veronica Boulter
Since the last meeting in February the 2nd Team have completed their 5 matches - the first taking place on the 8th of March away against Hertfordshire and the last one being on the 14th April against Middlesex here at Gerrards Cross. This was a very happy and fitting ending to what has been hard fought, good natured and extremely well played matches. Team spirit proved to be in the forefront of all the matches, and although individual games could be recounted, the overall impression was one of a team supporting each other with the end result more important than an individual.
Bucks lost 3 matches - 2 by a slim margin of 2 points but won 2 matches, 1 away at Goring and Streatley against Berkshire by 6 matches to 3 and the other here at Gerrards Cross by an outstanding 10 matches to 2 against Middlesex. This match fielded a team of 8 players.
The difficulty of selecting just 6 players for each of the 5 matches over a time span of 5 weeks is, I am sure you will appreciate, not the easiest of tasks, and I feel sure that those Delegates who put forward names will have been disappointed when their players had not been chosen. Of course some players were selected and then were unable to play owing to various circumstances. However, the 18 players selected were from 9 different clubs. They were Georgie Cairns and Gillian Kinnear from Gerrards Cross; Sue McKeon from Harleyford; Anne Bridges from Mentmore; Laura O�Donnell from Burnham Beeches; Debbie Pollard-Barnes from Wavenden; Emma Hargreaves, Zoe Fitz-Costa, and Victoria Collis from Beaconsfield; Bernie Howe, Mo Dawson, Vicky Frost and Kerry Sumner from Buckingham Harriet Beasley from Woburn; Holly Small, Stephanie Gough, Jess Burrows and Natalie Robinson from Ellesborough.
Apart from my thanks to those players who took part and played their best at all times, I would also like to thank the Delegates who were involved in putting forward these players. Their handicaps ranged from 10 down to 4. Some of the lower handicapped girls have just taken part in the County Championship at Buckingham and were selected for the 1st Team for County Week in June.
It would be a great help to me if you could keep an eye on the handicaps of those you put forward, and let me know if there are any reductions, so that I can keep my lists up to date for the future matches. Bear in mind that 2nd team needs to be made up of handicaps around 10 and under, or if above of those who you feel have the potential to be single figure golfers.
Our new Region is Midlands South which incorporates Herefordshire/ Worcestershire,
Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Northamptonshire. The new additional counties of Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Herefordshire/ Worcestershire will involve longer journeys for our team to travel for matches. All the 2nd team Captains of these counties will shortly be meeting to discuss the 2009 match season, hopefully making the transition to the expanding region as easy as possible for everyone. It will be an interesting exercise. With this new region in mind I conducted a survey amongst our own present 2nd team players, some of the past players and some potential 2nd team players - 40 in total, presenting to them some of the advantages and disadvantages to the changeover and posing 3 particular questions to extract their feelings and thoughts on the process. The information I received was that the majority were in favour of going into the new region but there were some important issues relating to the amount of travelling and costs, and it has been suggested that I contact other 2nd team Captains to share this information. No doubt we will all be a little clearer on the subject in a few months time, and once again look forward to a somewhat different set of 2nd team matches in 2009 played against new people in new places.

Training Officers Report - Carole Weir
This year I have arranged first/elite junior team training days in February/March/April. I delayed the start slightly since often the January session is cancelled due to bad weather. I also considered that the training went a little over the top last year and so it needed to be reduced. Cost is also an issue since each session with Lawrence at Northwick Park is now about £500 in total and we are keeping a close eye on this.
The junior training starts in earnest on the 8th June. I have delayed the start of here this year as well in view of the EWGA sessions that most of the girls are now involved in. There are three training sessions for them before Junior County Week. The fact that Lawrence is on Curtis Cup duty this year is also an issue.
In future there will be two main junior training squads for those girls that have handicaps. The elite junior squad will include girls with a handicap of 20 or less. There are about 16 girls in that squad. We then have a B squad for those girls that are doing well with there golf and showing significant promise or progress. We were going to restrict this to 21-30 handicaps but this excluded some girls that we felt would benefit from this training thus the change. Eleven girls have been invited to join that squad. Money permitting the elite squad will be given a private short game lesson with Lawrence before their county week comes round.
Part of the training for this year for the first team included a short game lesson with Lawrence. I had mine recently and was disappointed to discover that only 2 others had taken this up. One or two other first team training sessions have not been well supported either. I will be having a meeting with next year's Captain Sue Beresford and Veronica Boulter, the Second Team Captain, shortly to review first team training and come up with alternatives.
I also think that the girls, both first team and the elite juniors, have forgotten that the county comes before club commitments. I have had several instances where county training has been passed in favour of a Bucks Shield or Mail on Sunday game. This is positive. It means we are victims of our own success since these girls are all such good players now their clubs want to use them. I can help that by issuing the dates of training to clubs so that they know what dates to avoid when arranging matches. It is only one day a month now and we can all work along side each other to ensure that Bucks does well both at club and county level.
I am due to finish my term as Training Officer this year. However, I feel that the training is in a state of change and I don't really want to leave it like this. We need to marry the EWGA training into our system now that we know what it involves and also find a way to ensure that the girls don't have to choose between county and club. The Executive have therefore agreed to extend my term of office for a year. My intention is to find my successor now, if I can, and then work with them, Sue and Veronica to ensure that we have a training system that is running well, and that the girls are committed too, when my time in this job then finishes in 2009.

Joint Competitions' Secretary - Pamela Seller
Winter Foursomes
The final was held at Denham on Saturday 29 March on a very cold and windy day. Well done to Gail Sharp/Judith Arnold (Gerrards Cross) and Maura Spencer/Rona Barford (Lambourne) for reaching the final the winners were Maura Spencer and Rona Barford from Lambourne.
Bucks Shield
First and second rounds have now been completed with some surprising results. The holders Ellesborough being knocked out by Buckingham and Gerrards Cross losing to Chesham & Leyhill. In the third round one match has been played Huntswood beating Denham.
I have one last minute result Mentmore beat Datchet.
Champion of Champions
Round one and two have been completed with one match not being played within the time limit giving a player a walk over to round three. Could I please ask everybody to remind their members to check the play by date in competitions as extensions will not be given?
Challenge Cup
To date I have only received 2 results from round two that being Sue Beresford (Harewood Downs) beating Pam Howfield (Flackwell Heath) and Sheila Creee (Harewood Downs) beating Louise Reynolds (Huntswood).
Ladies you will find in your envelopes the up to date result sheets for the Bucks Shield, Champions of Champions and Challenge Cup.
Could you also remind your Lady Captains that the closing date for Winter Foursomes 2008/09 date is 31st August 2008?

Joint Competitions' Secretary - Sue McKeon
The Winter League; congratulations go to Ellesborough, the League Champions, Mentmore who won Division 1 and Weston Turville who won Division 2. The Results Sheet is in the envelopes with provisional promotion and demotion for next season's competition. Also enclosed is the entry form for the 2008-09 competition, with a closing date of 28th August, to pass on to your Lady Captains.
The Summer Scratch Leagues are in progress, with Round 2 underway. With so few results to report I have not prepared a results sheet for you today. The webpage is up to date with the matches played thus far. Thank you for passing on my reminder about reporting the match result promptly to the team organizers in your clubs.
The Charity Eclectic in aid of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and the Cygnet Trophy, whose entry fees are given to the Junior Section, got underway on April 1st. The Eclectic Results are compiled and forwarded after the close of the competition in mid September but the Cygnet Trophy results can be sent to me as soon as they are known.

Treasurer - Georgie Cairns
Thank you to all of the Delegates for chivvying their clubs to pay their affiliation fee promptly.
Wexham Park Golf Club have now affiliated to Buckinghamshire County.

Tina Thomas - Iver:
Where are the delegates' envelopes sent that are not picked up at the meeting?
Lynda Hilton - To the delegates clubs addressed to Lady Captain/Delegate.

Glynis Lawrence - Mentmore:
Why has the Cygnet Trophy entry fee been increased to £2.50?
Carolyn Howell - the executive thought that the increase was for the good of the county juniors, as there has not been an increase for a number of years.
Georgie Cairns - At her club the lady members donate the prized for the competition so that the ladies sections only need to charge the £2.50 entry fee.

Chris Redding - Weston Turville
What is the executive's decision on GPS systems?
Lynda Hilton - BCLGA not allowing them this year, this decision will be reviewed for 2009 before all entry forms are issued. EWGA and the counties in our region are not allowing them in their competitions either.

Junior County Week:
Aldenham Golf Club, Hertfordshire - 18th August - 20th August 2008

Wednesday, 30th July 2008 - Gerrards Cross Golf Club