2021/22 Winter Foursomes

Dot Kelleher & Nicky Ewart (Denham GC) receiving the cup from County President Lynda Hilton

The Final of the 2021/22 Winter Foursomes KO Competition was played at Harewood Downs GC on 23 April 2022 in sunny conditions but with a challenging wind.

We were warmly welcomed by the Lady Captain of Harewood Downs, Gill Outram. The finalists were Nicky Ewart & Dot Kelleher from Denham GC and Susan Sweeney & Helen Pettifer also from Denham GC. Ruth Lambert from Beaconsfield was the referee for the match.

The match was a very closely fought contest throughout with Susan & Helen having the early lead but Nicky & Dot keeping in touch and for most of the match there was no more than one hole in it.

In the end 18 holes were not enough so back down the first we went and after some challenging chip shots downwind on to a very firm green, Nicky & Dot eventually won the hole to win the match.

After a lovely tea with finger sandwiches, delicious brownies and lemon drizzle cake, the prizes and the Cup were presented by the BCLGA County President Lynda Hilton.

Our thanks to Harewood Downs for hosting the match and for their hospitality.

Heather Pentney
KO Competitions Organiser

Round 1 - to be played by 7 November 2021
Round 2 - to be played by 2 January 2022
Round 3 - to be played by 13 February 2022
Semi-finals - to be played by 20 March 2022
Final - 23 April 2022
* Lyndsey Carter & Janine Rutland (Harleyford)
Lyndsey Carter & Janine Rutland (Harleyford)Karen Keen & Jo Hughes (Harewood Downs) w/o* Liz Clegg & Suse Muir-Browne (Harleyford)Nicky Ewart & Dot Kelleher (Denham)Nicky Ewart & Dot Kelleher (Denham)
Ruth Lambert & Gill Cunningham (Beaconsfield)
* Jackie Edwards & Anne Marie Gilbert (Burnham Beeches)
* Karen Keen & Jo Hughes (Harewood Downs) w/o
Karen Keen & Jo Hughes (Harewood Downs)
* Liz Clegg & Suse Muir-Browne (Harleyford)
Liz Clegg & Suse Muir-Browne (Harleyford)* Liz Clegg & Suse Muir-Browne (Harleyford)
Janet Psyllides & Andrea Vanner (Gerrards Cross)
* Sonia Restall & Heather Pentney (Harewood Downs)
* Sonia Restall & Heather Pentney (Harewood Downs)
Janette Marshall & Nishele Short (Wexham Park)
* Viv Williams & Jackie Maher (Burnham Beeches)* Viv Williams & Jackie Maher (Burnham Beeches)Viv Williams & Jackie Maher (Burnham Beeches)Nicky Ewart & Dot Kelleher (Denham)
Lois Shoosmith & Marilyn Plummer (Ellesborough)
* Jennifer Locke & Serena Hodgson (Denham)
Jennifer Locke & Serena Hodgson (Denham)
Alison Walton & Sue Hughes (Gerrards Cross)
* Nicky Ewart & Dot Kelleher (Denham)
* Nicky Ewart & Dot Kelleher (Denham)* Nicky Ewart & Dot Kelleher (Denham)
Di Bovey & Regitta Gomersall (Beaconsfield)
* Liz Vaughan & Ailsa Bond (Whiteleaf)
Liz Vaughan & Ailsa Bond (Whiteleaf) w/o
Lina McKenna & Kathy Fraser (Harewood Downs)
* Claire Willcox & Sarah Hocking (Burnham Beeches)
* Claire Willcox & Sarah Hocking (Burnham Beeches)Claire Willcox & Sarah Hocking (Burnham Beeches) w/o
Helen Pettifer & Susan Sweeney (Denham)Helen Pettifer & Susan Sweeney (Denham)
Mary Hipperson & June Winter (Ellesborough)
* Lucy Morris & Maggie Smith (Harewood Downs)
Lucy Morris & Maggie Smith (Harewood Downs)
Julie Kinchin & Lin Ives (Gerrards Cross)
* Julie Blake & Judith Ker (Harewood Downs)
Julie Blake & Judith Ker (Harewood Downs)* Helen Pettifer & Susan Sweeney (Denham)
Pam Heavyside & Jackie Taylor (Wexham Park)
* Sarah Raffety & Cheryl Myles (Harewood Downs)
* Helen Pettifer & Susan Sweeney (Denham)
Helen Pettifer & Susan Sweeney (Denham)
* Andrea Sims & Maggie Southerden (Burnham Beeches)
* Andrea Sims & Maggie Southerden (Burnham Beeches)Anne Green & Katie Reid (Gerrards Cross)* Anne Green & Katie Reid (Gerrards Cross)
Claire Wise & Julie Gwyther (Harewood Downs)
* Anne Green & Katie Reid (Gerrards Cross)
Anne Green & Katie Reid (Gerrards Cross)
Gilly Brewer & Gill Outram (Harewood Downs)
* Zoe Ludlow & Bev Hodgson (Ellesborough)
* Sonja Ballingall & Jane Rimington (Chartridge Park)* Mo Dawson & Lindsey Sanders (Buckingham)
Sonja Ballingall & Jane Rimington (Chartridge Park)
* Sharon Squire & Clara Leathers (Ellesborough)Mo Dawson & Lindsey Sanders (Buckingham)
Mo Dawson & Lindsey Sanders (Buckingham)

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2020-21 Competition was cancelled due to Covid 19.

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