Summer Greensomes

Knockout Greensomes handicap run in the Summer Months for any pair who both play at a Buckinghamshire club. It need not be the same club.

2019 Winners

Winners: Nerys McGuinness and Gail Lawrence (Harleyford) & Runners Up : Jackie Edwards and Anne-Marie Gilbert (Lambourne). 

It was a cold grey October day when Jackie Edwards, The Lambourne Lady Captain and her partner Anne-Marie Gilbert teed-off against Nerys McGuinness and Gail Lawrence of Harleyford GC in the Final of the County Summer Greensomes KO. Extraordinarily, following an initial long drive, Gail’s 2nd shot could not be found despite best efforts from the group accompanying….. and the hole was conceded.

On Harleyford’s 2nd shot, on the 2nd hole, the ball came to rest between two barbed-wire fences and the Match Referee, Ian Bishop ruled the ball to be out of play and the second hole was conceded…..a shaky start by Harleyford!!

The match then ebbed and flowed until the 9th when Harleyford took the next 5 holes. Not to be beaten, Lambourne won 3 of the following 4 holes only for Harleyford to win the 17th and take the match.

A gripping final with much to talk about and played in great spirit with many thanks to Ian Bishop.

Burnham Beeches were fine hosts and players and officials returned to the Clubhouse to have ‘Tea’ after which the BCLGA County Captain Gail Sharp presented the Summer Greensomes County Cup and prizes.

Jackie Maher

BCLGA Knock Out Competitions Organiser

Summer Greensomes - 2021

N.B.   *  denotes home venue of match           [J] indicates Junior

Round 1: Play by 20 June 2021
Round 2: Play by 18 July 2021
Round 3: Play by 15 August 2021
Semi Final Play by 12 September 2021
Final TBDWinner
*Viv Williams & Jackie Maher (Burnham Beeches)
*Viv Williams & Jackie Maher (Burnham Beeches)Viv Williams & Jackie Maher (Burnham Beeches)Viv Williams & Jackie Maher (Burnham Beeches)Viv Williams & Jackie Maher (Burnham Beeches)
Maura Spencer & Claire Geneen (Lambourne)
*Ann-Marie Gilbert & Jackie Edwards (Burnham Beeches)
Ann-Marie Gilbert & Jackie Edwards (Burnham Beeches)
Julie Kinchin & Lin Ives (Gerrards Cross)
*Dot Kelleher & Nicky Ewart (Denham)
* Sue Ashworth & Lindsay Arnell (Woburn)* Jess Pilgrim [J] & Sue Catton (Stoke Park)
Sue Ashworth & Lindsay Arnell (Woburn)
*Jess Pilgrim [J] & Sue Catton (Stoke Park)
Jess Pilgrim [J] & Sue Catton (Stoke Park)
Janette Psyllides & Debbie Veys (Gerrards Cross)
*Ailsa Bond & Liz Vaughan (Whiteleaf)
Ailsa Bond & Liz Vaughan (Whiteleaf)* Andrea Sims & Maggie Southerden (Burnham Beeches)* Anne Green & Katie Reid (Gerrards Cross)
Amanda Griggs & Karen Young (Chartridge Park)
*Andrea Sims & Maggie Southerden (Burnham Beeches)
*Andrea Sims & Maggie Southerden (Burnham Beeches)
Pam Heavyside & Jackie Taylor (Wexham Park)
*Debbie Mason & Anna Robinson (Denham)
Debbie Mason & Anna Robinson (Denham)Anne Green & Katie Reid (Gerrards Cross)
Jane Rimington & Sonya Ballinghall (Chartridge Park)
*Anne Green & Katie Reid (Gerrards Cross)
*Anne Green & Katie Reid (Gerrards Cross)
Kate Reeves & Clare Earthey (Harleyford)
*Kadda Mohamed & Isabella Sharratt (Gerrards Cross)
Kadda Mohamed & Isabella Sharratt (Gerrards Cross)Kadda Mohamed & Isabella Sharratt (Gerrards Cross)* Elizabeth Tyte & Anne Messer (Huntswood)Claire Willcox & Aggie Bzinkowska (Burnham Beeches)
Liz Clegg & Suse Muir-Browne (Harleyford)
*Janette Marshall & Nishelle Short (Wexham Park)
*Andrea Vanner & Liz Keens (Gerrards Cross)
Andrea Vanner & Liz Keens (Gerrards Cross)
*Denise Goodacre & Lynn Fitzpatrick (Burnham Beeches)
*Denise Goodacre & Lynn Fitzpatrick (Burnham Beeches)* Elizabeth Tyte & Anne Messer (Huntswood)
Jenny Gibson & Carolyn Howell (Woburn)
*Elizabeth Tyte & Anne Messer (Huntswood)
Elizabeth Tyte & Anne Messer (Huntswood)
Sue Caroll & Carol Grant (Gerrards Cross)
*Lyndsey Carter & Sarah Hocking (Harleyford)
*Claire Willcox & Aggie Bzinkowska (Burnham Beeches)*Claire Willcox & Aggie Bzinkowska (Burnham Beeches)Claire Willcox & Aggie Bzinkowska (Burnham Beeches)
Claire Willcox & Aggie Bzinkowska (Burnham Beeches)
*Pauline Waite & Bev Hodgson (Weston Turville)
Pauline Waite & Bev Hodgson (Weston Turville)
Sara O'Kelly & Sue Tame (Oakland Park)
*Rachel Mistri & Heidi Morgan (Chartridge Park)
Rachel Mistri & Heidi Morgan (Chartridge Park)Sonia Restall & Heather Pentney (Harewood Downs)
Gill Hepsworth & Sue Davies (Burnham Beeches)
*Heather Gray & Tracy Fowler (Harleyford)
*Sonia Restall & Heather Pentney (Harewood Downs)
Sonia Restall & Heather Pentney (Harewood Downs)

Summer Greensomes Results

2020 - Competition was cancelled due to Covid 19

  • Olivia wins Peter McEvoy Trophy
  • Tony's tip 5
  • Tony's Tips 4
  • Tony's tips 3
  • Tony's Tips 1
  • Tony's Tips 2