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Silver & Bronze Medal Winners







1982   Mrs P McNair (Gerrards Cross)   Mrs E Hatcher (Burnham Beeches)
1983   Mrs J Jones (Gerrards Cross)   Mrs E McCafferty (Chiltern Forest)
1984   Mrs J Bryden (Datchet)   Mrs N Singleton (Datchet)
.   .   Mrs D Leake (Woburn)
1985   Mrs S Wright (Datchet)   Mrs G Rose (Harewood Downs)
1986   Miss M Sears (Datchet   Mrs H Rackley (Datchet)
1987   Mrs H Johnston (Harewood Downs)   Mrs A Richardson (Gerrards Cross)
1988   Mrs M Roberts (Gerrards Cross)   Mrs E Smith (Datchet)
1989   Mrs F Turner (Ellesborough)   Miss J Grant-Gray (Farnham Park)
1990   Mrs J Scudder (Gerrards Cross)   Mrs M Greenlees (Weston Turville)
1991   Mrs E Jagger (Woburn)   Mrs R Parerson (Stowe)
1992   Mrs G Beasley (Woburn)   Mrs Y Gaywood (Datchet)
1993   Mrs C Cotter (Beaconsfield)   Miss A Cooke (Datchet)
1994   Mrs M Tillotson ()   Mrs S Biggs (Burnham Beeches)


Mrs M Taylor (Gerrards Cross)

  Miss M Sears (Datchet)
.   & Mrs R Bell (Weston Turville)   & Mrs B Brun (Gerrards Cross)
1996   Miss J Warren (Gerrards Cross)   Ms C Walls (Chiltern Forest)
1997   Mrs B Tuck (Beaconsfield)   Mrs J Dunbar (Chiltern Forest)
1998   Mrs J Berry (Stowe)   Mrs P Payne (Wycombe Heights)
1999   Mrs S Mace (Windmill Hill)   Mrs J McEwan (Datchet)
2000   Mrs S Rose (Chiltern Forest)   Mrs P Mumford (Hazlemere)
2001   Mrs S Nisbet (Gerrards Cross   Mrs S Dorrell (Aylesburt G.C.)
.   & Mrs C Bodey (Farnham Park)   .
.   & Mrs D Rivers (Lambourne   .
2002   Mrs F Merrett (Princes Risborough)   Mrs S Drummond (Oakland Park)
.   & Mrs F Cerosio (Mentmore)   .
2003   Mrs S Stephenson (Weston Turville)   Mrs A Branthwaite (Chesham & Ley Hill)
2004   Mrs P Osborne-Fardon (Magnolia Park)   Mrs A Waddingham (Oakland Park)
2005   Mrs C Cotter (Beaconsfield)   Mrs A Quinlan (Aylesbury G.C.)
2006   Mrs F Ford (Harleyford)   Mrs V Dexter (Princes Risborough)
2007   Mrs M Lowden (Harleyford)   Mrs G Jeffreys (Chesham & Ley Hill)
2008   Mrs S Muir (Huntswood)   Mrs G Stimpson (Hazlemere)
2009   Miss L Johnston (Harleyford)   Ms A Timpson (Lambourne)
2010   Mrs C Watson (Beaconsfield)   Ms B Brown (Mentmore)
2011   Mrs S Haigh (Lambourne)   Mrs A Bzinlowska (Flackwell Heath)
2012   Miss R Drummond (Beaconsfield)   Mrs O Freer (Huntswood)
2013   Ms A Bridges (Mentmore)   Ms K Woolley (Harleyford)
2014   Miss C Nutt (Beaconsfield)   Ms L Reynolds (Huntswood)
2015   Ms A Bridges (Mentmore)   Ms J Nichol (Weston Turville)
2016   Mrs D Goodacre (The Lambourne)   Mrs S Lacey (Chartridge Park)
2017   Mrs D Goodacre (The Lambourne)   Mrs J Haynes (Huntswood)

N.B.  The Silver Coronation Medal is presented to the player with the lowest 4 gross medal aggregate scores
returned during the previous year.  The Bronze Coronation Medal is presented to the player with the lowest
4 nett aggregate medal scores returned during the last year.