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Seniors' Autumn Trophy Winners

There are two trophies called "Veteran's Cup". These are currently awarded at the Autumn Meeting for Seniors, which is held in September and open to players over 60, all handicaps.
There is a cup for the best individual and the best team:-


Individual Winner:

Winning Team:
2001   (See Table Below) Bobbie Morel; Scilla Boyes; Jane Lousada
2002   (Not Awarded) Robyn Finch; Tina Thomas; B. Monks
2003   Janet King
Sue Parker; Gill Philpott; Lynn Wishlade
(Princes Risborough)
2004   Margaret McDonald        
Mila Spray; Ann Styles; Jeannette Richardson
2005   Margaret Beal
Margaret Mountford; Mary Jefferies; Margaret Beal
2006   Brenda Cowper
(Harewood Downs)
Linda Harper; Gillian Lambert; Brenda Cowper
(Harewood Downs)
2007   Gilly Brewer
(Harewood Downs)
Gilly Brewer; Anne Banner; Brenda Cowper
(Harewood Downs)
2008   Brenda Cowper
(Harewood Downs)
Gilly Brewer; Anne Banner; Brenda Cowper
(Harewood Downs)
2009   Ann Styles
Ethena Morgan; Maggie Ward; Dee Sherma
2010   Marilyn Plummer
Joan Somerville; Pauline Olliver; Pat Sansom
(Burnham Beeches)
2011   Jane Burns
Ethena Morant; Maggie Ward; Celia Mann
2012   Meg Williamson
Meg Wiiliamson;  Maggie Ward;  Sissell Killick
2013   Sue Davies
Mila Spray;  Carol Herbert;  Bryony Moore
2014   Gill Bostel
Judi Hannaford; Marilyn Plummer; Joyce Brown
2015   Janet Merritt
Mila Spray;  Janet Allen;  Nerys McGuinness-Perry
2016   Maddie McClaren
(Magnolia Park)
Janet Allen;  Mila Spray;  Nerys McGuiness
2017   Pam Robinson
(Magnolia Park)
Pam Robinson;  Anne Cronin;  Carol Gray 
(Magnolia Park)

Winners of the trophies played for in a different format in previous years:-


Winning Pair:

Winning Pair:
1960   (Not Awarded) Mrs Mackenzie Crooks
1961   (Not Awarded) Mrs J. Paul
1962   (Not Awarded) Mrs K. Braddon
1963   (Not Awarded) K. Braddon & J. Paul
1964   (Not Awarded) L. Stretton & C. Liddiard
1965   (Not Awarded) P. Bradshaw & Lady J. Mason
1966   (Not Awarded) D. Adam & V. Finch
1967   (Not Awarded) C. Robey & R. Jones
1968   C. Robey & R. Jones C. Robey & R. Jones
1969   K. Braddon & D. Martin K. Braddon & D. Martin
1970   C. Robey & W. Agnew W. Agnew & C. Robey
1971   M. Baxter & J. Robertson M. Baxter & J. Robertson
1972   M. Baxter & J. Robertson M. Baxter & J. Robertson
1973   J. Cousins & A. Huddle J. Cousins & A. Huddle
1974   M. Etheridge & D. Summerbell M. Etheridge & D. Summerbell
1975   E. Chapman & J. Ellis E. Chapman & J. Ellis
1976   J. Aviss & J. Bradbury J. Aviss & J. Bradbury
1977   D. Ellis & C. Woodall J. Ellis & P. Woodall
1978   F. Busby & E. Foster F. Busby & E. Foster
1979   G. Adams & G. Waite G. Adams & G. Waite
1980   G. Adams & G. Waite G. Adams & G. Waite
1981   M. Baxter & J. Robertson M. Baxter & J. Robertson
1982   B. Robinson & J. Cousins B. Robinson & J. Cousins
1983   F. Busby & I Russell F. Busby & I Russell
1984   V. Broderick & M. Walker V. Broderick & M. Walker
1985   M. Maller & M. Risby M. Maller & M. Risby
1986   E. Hatcher & J. Edwardson E. Hatcher & J. Edwardson
1987   F. Busby & I. Russell F. Busby & I. Russell
1988   D. Leake & B. Morel D. Leake & B. Morel
1989   D. Young & J. Berry D. Leake & B. Morel
1990   M. Pearce & J. Walker K. McLoud & G. Bates
1991   B. Levington & C. Williams D. Leake & B. Morel
1992   E. Brown & N. Chalmers P. Culbert & M. Oakes
1993   Mrs McLeod & Mrs Toope J. Scudder & C. Lemon
1994   Mrs Charman & Mrs Allen A. Platt & M. Simpson
1995   C. Ikin & D. McCreesh J. Matthews & M. Simpson
1996   G. Jolly & A. Cameron B. Rourke & V. Tofield
1997   M. Lee & P. Bell J. Taylor & M. Lee
1998   B. Price & E. Shedden D. Pinner & J. Wheeler
1999   (Not Awarded) J. Taylor & J. Goodwyn
2000   P. Banister & M. Moss S. Holyer & G. Dixon
2001   J. Francis & V. Torr (See Table Above)