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Second Team Results 2011

Please Click Here for the 2010 Second Team Results

Midlands South Second Team League Table 2011

Berks Bucks Northants Oxon Warwicks W & H Match Wins
Games For/
Berks x x x x x x x W/D
Bucks x Won
15/21 4th
Northants x Lost
1 18½/17½ 5th
Oxon x Halved
18/18 3rd
Warwicks x Won
4 25/11 1st
W & H x Won
2 13½-22½ 2nd

N.B.  Results 2010:-  1st Oxon;  2nd W & H;  3rd Bucks;  4th Warwicks;  5th Berks;  6th Northants

League Administrators:-
2009 Oxon;    2010  Bucks;    2011 Warwicks;    2012 W & H;    2013 Berks;    2014 Northants

Bucks. v Oxon. at Harewood Downs G.C. - Thursday  31st March at 9.15am.

Denise Goodacre (Lambourne) 
Lydia Johnston (Harleyford) 
Sue Kettler (Mentmore) 
Emily Marler (Ellesborough & Hazlemere) 
Susanna Mitterer (Woburn) 
Charlotte West (Ellesborough & Harewood Downs)

The first match in the Midlands South League was a home match against Oxfordshire at Harewood Downs. We halved the morning foursomes and afternoon singles. Oxfordshire 2nds haven’t lost a match in 4 years so a Draw was a very good result. 

It was Charlotte’s first match for the 2nds and she did remarkably well for a 13 year old, halving her match with Susanna in the morning, scoring an eagle on the 5th in the afternoon and winning her match 5/3.

Thanks to all the team for playing so well - there was a lovely team spirit. Thanks also to Harewood Downs for hosting the match, Maxine Kappler, Lady Captain for seeing us off the tee, and Margaret Maisey and Sue Lee for their support.

Cathy Armstrong
Second Team Captain

Morning Foursomes:
Lydia Johnston & Emily Marler – Lost
Susanna Mitterer & Charlotte West – Halved
Denise Goodacre & Sue Kettler – Won
Afternoon Singles:
Lydia Johnston – Won
Sue Kettler – Lost
Denise Goodacre – Lost
Charlotte West – Won
Emily Marler - Won
Susanna Mitterer - Lost

RESULT:  Match Halved (4½ - 4½)

Bucks. v Northants. at Buckingham G.C. - Thursday  12th May at 9.00am.

Second Team v Northants
The Second Team at their match against Northants.
From left: Cathy Armstrong, Sue Kettler, Susanna Mitterer, Lydia Johnston,
Emily Marler. Front row:- Mo Dawson, Debbie Pollard-Barnes, Margaret Maisey

Our match against Northamptonshire took place at Buckingham Golf Club on 12th May. This was our second league match of the season and the team was keen to improve on the draw against Oxfordshire and they didn’t disappoint.

The morning pairings of Lydia and Emily, Susanna and Sue had comfortable wins but the Northants pair had the better of Debbie and Cathy.

The afternoon matches were closely fought and it wasn’t until the penultimate match that the win was secured. Special thanks go to Mo Dawson from Buckingham GC who stepped in to play in the singles and had a run-away win 8/6!

Buckingham Golf Club were perfect hosts and in particular I should like to thank the Lady Captain, Margot Sharp for welcoming us and for acting as starter. Yet again, it was lovely to see our President, Margaret, who never fails to come along to support.

Cathy Armstrong
Second Team Captain

Morning Foursomes
Lydia Johnston (Harleyford) & Emily Marler (Hazlemere) - Won
Susanna Mitterer (Woburn) & Sue Kettler (Mentmore) - Won 
Debbie Pollard-Barnes (Wavendon) & Cathy Armstrong (Ellesborough) - Lost
Afternoon Singles:
Lydia - Won
Susanna - Won
Emily - Halved 
Sue - Lost  
Debbie - Lost  
Mo - Won

RESULT:  Won  (5½ - 3½)

Bucks. v Berks. at Ellesborough G.C. - Saturday 18th June at 8.45am.

Cathy Armstrong (Ellesborough)
Sue Caley (Wavendon)
Pia Davis (Lambourne)
Alice Kozlowski (Ellesborough)
Charlotte Nutt (Beaconsfield)
Alice Richards (Beaconsfield)
Luan Skeates (The Buckinghamshire)

This was a friendly match against Berkshire as they have withdrawn from the Midlands South 2nd team league. The team consisted of 3 new players to County 2nd team: Alice Kozlowski, Alice Richards (County Junior Captain) and Pia Davis. They all acquitted themselves very well by contributing to foursomes wins.

With three points in the morning the team seemed destined for a comfortable win but Berkshire had other ideas. Out of six points up for grabs in the afternoon, Bucks only managed 1½ , which was disappointing for Bucks but a great turn-around for Berkshire. The match was halved 4½ - 4½ .

Everyone enjoyed the match, which was played in such good spirit. Thanks go to Ellesborough for hosting the match and especially Judy Redrup, their ladies’ captain who kindly came along to see us off the first tee. Once again Margaret Maisey and Sue Lee, our County President and Captain, were there to offer support, which was very much appreciated.

Cathy Armstrong
Second Team Captain

Morning Foursomes:
Pia Davis and Sue Caley - Won 
Luan Skeates and Charlotte Nutt - Won 
Alice Richards and Alice Kozlowski - Won
Afternoon Singles:
Luan Skeates - Lost
Sue Caley - Halved
Pia Davis - Lost
Cathy Armstrong - Won
Alice Richards - Lost
Alice Kozlowski - Lost 

RESULT: Match Halved (4½ - 4½)

Bucks. v Warwicks. at Ladbrook Park G.C. - Monday 1st August

Second Team v Warwicks
The Second Team v Warwicks at Ladbrook Park. From left: Lydia Johnston, Charlotte West,
Luan Skeates, Margaret Maisey, Evie Ing, Clare Kirby, Emily Marler & Cathy Armstrong

Our match at Ladbrook Park was on a warm, humid day, the course being familiar to our President as County Week was played there not many years ago. It was in a very good condition with slick greens and fairways running fast in the dry conditions. With the meandering ditches, many water hazards and strategically placed trees, it made the team think about positioning rather than length at times.

The foursomes got off to a great start with our first pair of Luan and Lydia getting an eagle on the first hole, however, it was not to be our morning. All three pairs lost with the greens getting the better of our team.

We went out positive and full of hope in the afternoon, which was fulfilled by our first out, Lydia, with a win. After Evie’s amazing run in the English Girls she ran out of steam but put her all into the match. Charlotte, our thirteen year old, as usual skipped down the fairway, casually scoring an eagle, then winning her match on the 16th. With Luan’s and Clare’s losses, it was down to Emily, who came so close to winning, but she sadly lost on the 18th to a strong birdie, par finish from her partner.

Thank you to all the girls who played, to Bobbi Waugh, Warwickshire 2nd team captain for organizing the match and to Ladbrook Park for hosting it. As always, a big "thank you" to Margaret, our President, for her unending support at these matches.

Cathy Armstrong
2nd Team Captain

Morning Foursomes:
Lydia Johnstone and Luan Skeates - Lost
Evie Ing and Emily Marler - Lost
Clare Kirby and Charlotte West - Lost
Afternoon Singles:
Lydia Johnston - Won
Evie Ing - Lost
Charlotte West - Won
Luan Skeates - Lost
Emily Marler - Lost
Clare Kirby - Lost

RESULT: LOST (2 - 7)

Bucks. v Worcs/Heref. at Gaudet Lucet - Monday 1st August

Second Team v Worcs/Heref
The Second Team v Worcs/Hereford. From left:- Sue Caley, Julie Cooper,
Kerry Sumner, Susanna Mitterer, Debbie Pollard-Barnes, Debbie Harridge

Our match at Gaudet Luce was on a warm, humid day.  There has been no rain for over 3 months so the fairways and rough led to some interesting bounces.  The greens however were in good condition.   Several ditches crossed the course and there were many internal out of bounds, all leading to some interesting decisions having to be made.

The foursomes looked promising as we were up in two matches on the turn, but unfortunately only Sue Caley and Debbie Pollard-Barnes were successful with a great 4 and 3 win.

We looked as if might turn it around in the singles although we knew it was going to be close – at one point we were up in 4 of the 6 matches.  But despite our best efforts wins were only achieved by Julie Cooper, 4 and 2, and Debbie P-B 3 and 2

Thank you to all the girls who played, to Rosie Loh 2nd team Captain for Worcestershire and Herefordshire for organizing the match, to  the Lady Captain of Gaudet Luce for starting, and for Gaudet Luce for hosting it. As always, a big "thank you" to Sue, our Captain for her unstinting support at these matches.

Anne Bridges
County Training Officer

Morning Foursomes:
Julie Cooper and Susanna Mitterer - Lost
Kerry Sumner and Debbie Harridge - Lost
Sue Caley and Debbie Pollard-Barnes - Won
Afternoon Singles:
Julie Copper - Won
Susanna Mitterer - Lost
Kerry Sumner - Lost
Sue Caley - Lost
Debbie Pollard Barnes - Won
Debbie Harridge - Lost

RESULT: LOST (3 - 6)

Friendly Matches:

Second Team v Herts
The Second Team at the first match of the year, against Herts. 
From left: Kerry Sumner, Jess Burrows, Catherine Smith, Cathy Armstrong
Julie Cooper, Annabel Dimmock, Sue Lee, Margaret Maisey, Debbie Harridge

Bucks. v Herts. at Mid Herts. G.C. - Saturday 5th March

We had our first County Second Team match of the 2011 season against Hertfordshire, at Mid Herts on Saturday 5th March. It was a friendly fixture played in a great spirit, but it was never the less a very competitive match against a very strong Hertfordshire team There was some very skilful golf played, including an eagle on a par 4 by Julie Cooper.

Our team was 2/1 down in the morning foursomes, with Annabel and Jess our only winners. However the team pulled out all the stops in the afternoon to draw the match 4½ - 4½. Early on we saw two very good wins by Annabel and Julie, but the match went all the way to the wire with 2 of the last three matches going to the 18th.  Debbie Harridge, who is new to the Bucks team, managed a very good half whilst Kerry Sumner pulled off a win, 1up.

It was a very enjoyable day and we look forward to welcoming a return match next year.

My thanks go to Julie Dyke, the Hertfordshire Second Team captain, for organizing the fixture and to Margaret Maisey and Sue Lee for coming along to support.

Cathy Armstrong
2nd Team Captain

Morning Foursomes:
Jess Burrows (Ellesborough) and Annabel Dimmock (Wentworth)             WON
Kerry Sumner (Buckingham) and Catherine Smith (Stoke Park)                LOST
Julie Cooper (Beaconsfield) and Debbie Harridge (The Buckinghamshire)  LOST

Afternoon Singles:
Jess Burrows                 LOST
Annabel Dimmock          WON
Julie Cooper                  WON
Debbie Harridge            HALVED
Kerry Sumner                WON
Catherine Smith            LOST

RESULT:  HALVED  (4½ - 4½)

Bucks. v Middx. at Hillingdon G.C. - Sunday 1st May

This was the second friendly Second Team match this season. We played Middlesex on Hillingdon Golf Course. Although it is a short course it proved very tricky with narrow fairways and slick greens made even more difficult by a strong breeze.

The format was four foursomes, not an easy game but good practice for future County matches. The Bucks girls did us proud, pulling out the stops to win the match 3-1. Congratulations to Luan Skeates, Clare Kirby and Sue Caley on coping very well in their first County Second Team match.

Thanks go to Irene Riley, Middlesex Second Team Captain, for organizing the fixture, Hillingdon for hosting it and to our County President, Margaret Maisey for coming along to support.

Cathy Armstrong
2nd Team Captain

Jess Burrows and Emily Marler   WON
Sue Caley and Kerry Sumner    LOST
Charlotte Nutt and Luan Skeates   WON
Clare Kirby and Denise Goodacre   WON

RESULT: WON (3 - 1)