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Your Club Links with EWGA & The LGU

Your Club affiliates to EWGA and the LGU and in return receives an LGU Scratch Score or USGA Course Rating for the course (through EWGA)

  • Arranges LGU Competitions and receives LGU Medals (1 silver and 1 bronze), and the LGU Pendant annually (from EWGA).
  • May consult County Area Authorities on Rules and Regulations queries – (or direct to EWGA NOT the LGU)
  • May consult Scratch Score Assessor on Scratch Score problems (or direct to EWGA NOT the LGU)
  • May consult County Junior Organisers on all matters concerning Junior golf and training including applications to the EWGA Trust and raises funds for the Trust on a voluntary basis.
  • May request the services of the Junior Development Team to assist with matters on Junior golf in their club.
  • May send one voting delegate to the EWGA A.G.M. in December (or may send a Proxy Vote).
  • May send two delegates (without votes) to the LGU A.G.M. in January.
  • May nominate candidates to serve on the LGU Council as Councillor or Deputy (to be elected by EWGA Executive Committee).
  • May nominate candidates to serve on EWGA Executive Committee.


Makes and publishes the Rules of the EWGA, which are reviewed regularly

  • To make, maintain and publish such Regulations and Policy as considered necessary.
  • Collects one total subscription from the Clubs £10.35, per member, out of which £2.50 is for the LGU and £7.85 is for EWGA
  • Administers the CONGU System of Handicapping
  • Administers the Scratch Score and USGA Course Rating Schemes in the Clubs; appoints Scratch Score Assessors, USGA Course Raters and County Area Authorities who answer queries on these.
  • Issues CONGU Handicap Regulations and Handicap Stationery
  • Runs the English Championships and selects English Teams
  • Plans and administers National Training Courses.
  • Plans and administers the Performance and Potential squads training and selects English teams.
  • Plans and administers the Start training programme.
  • Makes and maintains the Rules for County Golf in England and Wales and runs the County Golf Championship.
  • Develops junior golf and get into golf initiatives
  • Maintains the EWGA Website
  • Produces an Order of Merit and Junior Order of Merit
  • Produces a Yearbook
  • Runs the Challenge Bowls Meeting, Gold and Silver Medal Finals, the Rose Spoon Competitions, the Australian Spoons Competitions, and the Abraham Trophy Competition for Girls
  • Elects two LGU Councillors and their Deputies.
  • Administers the EWGA TRUST awarding grants to individuals and County Associations and administers and awards Angela Uzielli Bursaries.
  • Awards the Silver Tee Award annually.
  • Has a representative on the Golf Foundation, England Junior Golf Partnership and British Universities Committee.
  • Works with the English Golf Union, Professional Golfers’ Association, Ladies’ Golf Union and other governing bodies to further the interest of ladies’ amateur golf


The Ladies Golf Union is recognized internationally as a governing authority for women’s golf. The main remit of the LGU is to advance and safeguard the interests of women’s golf at all levels. It also has a co-ordinating role on behalf of the National Organisations in Great Britain & Ireland and a support role for affiliated overseas unions and clubs.

The aims of the LGU are:

To continue to work closely with all golfing organisations, both amateur and professional, to further the interests of women in golf.

  • To support the work of the National Organisations in general and with particular reference to junior golf and the introduction of new golfers to the game.
  • To assist in co-ordinating sponsorship and finance for women’s golf in GB & I.
  • To promote the Weetabix Women’s British Open as a major international tournament and to maximise the revenue for the benefit of women’s golf.
The LGU responsibilities to its members include the provision of competitions such as the LGU Medals, Peugeot Coronation Foursomes and the Health Perception Ladies’ Championship of Great Britain & Ireland, the maintenance of the LGU Office in St Andrews and the LGU Flat which is available for rent to members, the production of the LGU Handbook, Newsletter, Diary and Website, and the provision of the Silver and Bronze Medals and LGU Pendants to affiliated clubs.

The LGU international responsibilities include:
  • Representation on international bodies such as the R & A Rules of Golf and Amateur Status Committees, European Golf Association, CONGU, International Golf Federation, Golf Foundation and Central Council for Physical Recreation.
  • The maintenance of strong working relationships with world amateur and professional bodies such as the R & A, United States Golf Association, CONGU, PGA, LPGA of America and the Ladies European Tour.
  • The selection and training of international elite squads and teams.
  • The review of Standard Scratch Scores through implementation of USGA Course Rating System.
The following events are run by the LGU:
  • Weetabix Women’s British Open, owned by LGU
  • British Championships – 5 per year
  • International Matches in GB & I – 3 per year
  • Curtis Cup v USA – every 2 years
  • Vagliano Trophy v Continent of Europe – every 2 years
  • Espirito Santo (World Amateur Team Championship) – every 2 years
  • Commonwealth Tournament – every 4 years
  • LGU Medal Competitions
  • Peugeot Coronation Foursomes, including Grand Final
  • Health Perception Ladies’ Championship of GB & I