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County Week 2015


Harborne Golf Club, Nr. Birmingham, Warwicks.

Monday to Friday, 22nd - 26th June 2015


The 2015 Bucks County Week Team
The 2015 County Week Squad with the County Captain & President

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MORNING MATCHES: 3 Foursomes from each County commencing at:-
Match 1: 8.30am;   Match 2: 9.00am;   Match 3: 9.30am

AFTERNOON MATCHES: 6 singles from each County commencing at:-
Match 1: 1.00pm;   Match 2: 1.45pm;   Match 3: 2.30pm

MONDAY 22nd:
Match 1:  Warwickshire v Berkshire
Match 2:  Worcs & Hereford v Oxfordshire 
Match 3:  Northamptonshire v Buckinghamshire (commencing at 9.30am & 2.30pm) 

Match 1:  Worcs & Hereford v Northamptonshire
Match 2:  Berkshire v Oxfordshire 
Match 3:  Buckinghamshire v Warwickshire (commencing at 9.30am & 2.30pm) 

Match 1:  Oxfordshire v Buckinghamshire (commencing at 8.30am & 1.00pm)
Match 2:  Warwickshire v Northamptonshire
Match 3:  Worcs & Hereford  v Berkshire

Match 1:  Warwickshire v Worcs & Hereford
Match 2:  Berkshire v Buckinghamshire (commencing at 9.00am & 1.45pm)
Match 3:  Northamptonshire v Oxfordshire

FRIDAY 26th:
Match 1:  Northamptonshire v Berkshire
Match 2:  Buckinghamshire v Worcs & Hereford (commencing at 9.00am & 1.45pm)
Match 3:  Oxfordshire v Warwickshire

Please come along to support your County team if you can.

N.B. Remember that the team colour is RED with either BLACK or WHITE.

The address of the club is:-
Harborne Golf Club, 40 Tennal Road, Harborne, B32 2JE

Click on the following link for details and directions to Harborne Golf Club:-  www.harbornegolfclub.org.uk