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County Week 2013


The Red Course, Frilford Heath Golf Club, Oxon.

Monday to Friday, 17th - 21st June 2013


The County Week Players
The County Week Squad at Frilford Heath with the County Captain & President

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MORNING MATCHES: 3 Foursomes from each County commencing at:-
Match 1: 8.30am; Match 2: 9.00am; Match 3: 9.30am

AFTERNOON MATCHES: 6 singles from each County commencing at:-
Match 1: 1.00pm; Match 2: 1.45pm; Match 3: 2.30pm

MONDAY 17th:
Match 1: Worcs & Hereford v Buckinghamshire (commencing at 8.30am & 1.00pm) 
Match 2: Warwickshire v Northamptonshire
Match 3: Berkshire v Oxfordshire

Match 1: Warwickshire v Berkshire
Match 2: Buckinghamshire v Northamptonshire (commencing at 9.00am & 1.45pm)
Match 3: Oxfordshire v Worcs & Hereford

Match 1: Northamptonshire v Oxfordshire
Match 2: Worcs & Hereford v Berkshire
Match 3: Warwickshire v Buckinghamshire (commencing at 9.30am & 2.30pm)

Match 1: Worcs & Hereford v Warwickshire
Match 2: Buckinghamshire v Oxfordshire (commencing at 9.00am & 1.45pm) 
Match 3: Berkshire v Northamptonshire

FRIDAY 21st:
Match 1: Berkshire v Buckinghamshire (commencing at 8.30am & 1.00pm)
Match 2: Oxfordshire v Warwickshire 
Match 3: Northamptonshire v Worcs & Hereford

Click on the following link for details and directions to Frilford Heath Golf Club:- www.frilfordheath.co.uk

Please come along to support your County team.

N.B. Remember that the team colour is RED.