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County Colours


COUNTY COLOURS are awarded as per the guidelines in the BCLGA Constitution:-

" The criteria used for awarding colours to First Team Members are (September 2006):
-  Must have played for the First team during County Match Week for two years
-  Must have acquired 6 points from County Match Week matches, 1 for singles, ½ for foursomes
-  Must have shown adequate commitment to the training days
-  Must have shown support to her team members
The final decision is made by the County Captain and Selectors, in consultation with the County Training Officer."

County Colours over recent years have been awarded to:-

2017:  Georgina Bowers (Stoke Park), Victoria Bryan (The Lambourne), Julia Gallagher (Woburn), Denise Goodacre (The Lambourne), Daisy Kennedy (Stoke Park)

2016:  Thalia Kirby (Stoke Park), Elizabeth Swetnam (Woburn)

2015:  Jess Burrows (Ellesborough), Megan Dennis (Woburn), Chloe Li (Woburn), Luan Skeates (The Buckinghamshire)

2014:  Gemma Dryburgh (Beaconsfield), Shamiso Hatchard (Woburn), Charlotte Nutt (Beaconsfield)

2013:  Alice Kozlowski (Ellesborough) & Charlotte West (Harewood Downs)

2012:  Harriet Beasley (Woburn) & Zoe Fitz-Costa (Beaconsfield)

2011:  N/A

2010:  Steph Gough (Ellesborough)

2009:  Rachel Drummond & Vicki Harris (both Beaconsfield)

2008:  Clara Leathers (Ellesborough);  Nicole Whitmore (Woburn)

2006:  Natasha Gough (Ellesborough);  Carole Weir (Beaconsfield)

2004:  Zoe Humphris (Buckingham);  Lynda King (Hemsted Forest);  Kelly Knight (Magnolia Park)

2002:  Cathy Armstrong (Ellesborough);  Sarah Johnson (Lambourne)

2001:  Karen Platt (Lambourne)