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Strokeplay Qualifying Results 2017


Friday 5th May 2017

 Leading Qualifiers -  Denise Goodacre from Lambourne (left) & Daisy Kennedy (Stoke Park)

Aggregate: . .
1st Scratch Denise Goodacre (Lambourne)  Gross 156  
2nd Scratch Daisy Kennedy (Stoke Park)  Gross 158 
1st Handicap Rosie Bee Kim (Richings Park) Nett 149
2nd Handicap Georgina Bowers (Stoke Park)  Nett 151



Top Nett Prize Winners:- Georgina Bowers (left) from Stoke Park & Rosie Kim (Richings Park) 


Intermediate Winner - Alice Kozlowski (Ellesborough)

Baxter Bowl - Intermediates:
(Age between 18 & 25
on 1st January 2017)
Alice Kozlowski (Ellesborough)  Gross 164  

N.B.  2015 & 2016 Intermediate Champion - Alice Kozlowski (Ellesborough)


Seniors' Champion - Denise Goodacre (Lambourne)

Seniors' Champs:

(Aged over 50 on 6th May 2017)

1st Scratch & Champion  Denise Goodacre (Lambourne)  Gross 76 
2nd Scratch Bernie Howe (Abbey Hill) Gross 82
1st Handicap Irene Brien (Beaconsfield) Nett 76 c/b
2nd Nett Karen Platt (Beaconsfield) Nett 76

N.B.   2016 Seniors' Champion - Susanna Mitterer (Woburn)

The Par for the Course = 75
The Course Standard Scratch (SSS) = 75
The Competition Standard Scratch (CSS) = 75 am (incl. Seniors) & 77 pm

For a PDF file of the full results of the Strokeplay, click on the relevant link below:-

Championship 36 Hole Qualifying:-      Gross    Nett

Seniors -  Gross