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Strokeplay Qualifying Results 2015


Friday 8th May 2015

Championships Top Qualifier 15
 Leading Qualifier - Charlotte West (Harewood Downs) 

Aggregate: . .
1st Scratch Charlotte West (Harewood Downs)  Gross 142  
2nd Scratch Megan Dennis (Woburn)   Gross 144 
1st Handicap Thalia Kirby (Stoke Park)  Nett 135
2nd Handicap Georgia Staroscik (Woburn)   Nett 139


Intermediate Champion 15
Intermediate Winner - Alice Kozlowski (Ellesborough)

Baxter Bowl - Intermediates:
(Age between 18 & 25
on 1st January 2015)
Alice Kozlowski (Ellesborough)  Gross 146  

N.B.   2014 Intermediate Champion - Charlotte Nutt (Beaconsfield)


Seniors' Champion 15
Seniors' Champion - Cathy Armstrong (Ellesborough)

Seniors' Champs:
(Aged over 50 on 
8th May 2015)
1st Scratch Cathy Armstrong (Ellesborough)   Gross 73 
2nd Scratch Julie Cooper (Beaconsfield)  Gross 77  
1st Handicap Jaki White (Mentmore) Nett 71 
2nd Handicap Jane Wetherall (Woburn)   Nett 72

N.B.   2014 Seniors' Champion - Julie Cooper (Beaconsfield)

The Par for the Course = 72
The Course Standard Scratch (SSS) = 72
The Competition Standard Scratch (CSS) = 71 am (incl. Seniors) & 71 pm

For a PDF file of the full results (Gross and Nett) of the Strokeplay, click on the relevant link below:-

Championship 36 Hole Qualifying:-   Gross   Nett   

Intermediates - Gross

Seniors -  Gross   Nett