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BB&O Girls' Champions

The BB&O Girls' championships take place over the Easter holidays. The winner from the three counties is the player with the best Gross score over 18 holes.

Year: Champion / Club:   Played at:-
1976 Stephanie Jolly (Newbury)   Denham
1977 Stephanie Jolly (Newbury)   Emma Green
1978 Tracy Ward (Reading)   Frilford Heath
1979 Sandra Hooper (The Berkshire)   Beaconsfield
1980 K. Haywood (The Berkshire)   Calcot Park
1981 K. Haywood (The Berkshire)   Frilford Heath
1982 S. Morrisey (The Berkshire)   Stoke Poges
1983 M. Scobling (The Berkshire)   Temple
1984 .   .
1985 M. Scobling (Royal Ascot)   Stoke Poges
1986 A. James (The Berkshire)   Royal Ascot
1987 .   .
1988 K. Humphries (Oxford)   Denham
1989 Lisa Walton   Calcot Park
1990 Kirsty Turness (Woburn)   Burford
1991 Sue Ledger (The Berkshire)   Stoke Poges
1992 Sue Ledger (The Berkshire)   Newbury
1993 Fiona Thompson (Ellesborough)   Frilford Heath
1994 Lisa Meredith (The Berkshire)   Harewood Downs
1995 Claire Williamson (Burnham Beeches)   Temple
1996 Shelley McKevitt   Chipping Norton
1997 Shelley McKevitt   Ellesborough
1998 Helen Woods (Goring & Streatley)   Maidenhead
1999 Narelle Ives (Frilford Heath)   Lyneham
2000 Kelly Knight (Silverstone)   Buckingham
2001 Kelly Knight (Buckingham)   Temple
2002 Kelly Knight (Buckingham)   Badgemoor Park
2003 Clara Leathers (Ellesborough/Aylesbury G.C.)   Magnolia Park
2004 Clara Leathers (Ellesborough)   Maidenhead
2005 Natasha Gough (Ellesborough)   Badgemoor Park
2006 Emily Heath (Berks.)   Denham
2007 Katherine O'Connor (Tadmarton Heath)   Maidenhead
2008 Katherine O'Connor (Tadmarton Heath)   Tadmarton Heath
2009 Zoe Fitz-Costa (Beaconsfield)   Woburn
2010 Zoe Fitz-Costa (Beaconsfield)   Castle Royle
2011 Gemma Clements (Studley Wood)   Studley Wood
2012 Shamiso Hatchard (Woburn)   Denham
2013 Luan Skeates (The Buckinghamshire)   Maidenhead
2014 Alice Kozlowski (Ellesborough)   Henley
2015 Shamiso Hatchard (Woburn)   Buckingham
2016 Julia Warke (Bearwood Lakes)    The Berkshire 
2017 Megan Dennis (Woburn)   Badgemore Park