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County Week 2010 Report

Goring & Streatley Golf Club, Berkshire

14th to 18th June 2010

County Week 2010 took place at Goring & Streatley Golf Club during the week which started on the 14th June. As most of you know, we now have to play five other counties during the week and so there is no rest day. Our order of play for 2010 was: Berkshire, Warwickshire, Oxofordshire, Worcester & Herefordshire, Northamptonshire.

Unusually for us, we had a changing team over the week, thanks to the demands of exams and work and also the British, which was to be played at Ganton the following week. The lead up to County Week had also been challenging since having grown the team from juniors, they are all at the stage in their lives where they are at university, taking exams, starting out on careers and the like. It had therefore been hard for us to get together to practice for any meaningful lengths of time.

We started the week by beating Berks by 5½ to 3½ matches and the girls were looking good as always. Tuesday brought the match against Warwicks. who were the team to beat based on performance in recent County Weeks. The result of the match was a half at 4½ to 4½ matches each. On Wednesday we faced Oxon who have blossomed into a very good side. Sadly they got the better of us, beating us by 7 matches to 2. On Thursday we lost to Worcester & Herefordshire by 6 matches to 3, and on Friday Northants beat us 6½ to 2½ matches.

When I had been planning before County Week, I felt certain that Bucks had a very good chance this year and I was looking forward to be able to report success but this wasn’t to be.  It seems that Goring & Streatley is not a happy venue for us since our results were disappointing last time the event was there in 2007.

Whilst this year was not quite as I planned, I am sure we are still on the right path. Our Bucks hostess at County Week, Margaret, was astonished to find that we had a 13 year old (Annabel Dimmock) in our team. I think this is a taste of things to come since there are other juniors who are now, very definitely, heading for the team in the coming years. We owe a great debt of gratitude to the input of many ladies who give their time for the juniors and the training scheme now offered by the BB&O partnership where we have, by far, the biggest number of participants.

We have introduced golf psychology into the training for the 1st team for the first time this year and I know those that attended have taken a lot from this. I had not expected this to have an effect this year since, like a golf swing, the techniques we were taught, have to be practised. However, throughout the week several of the team mentioned drills they had been given individually, so I know that these are being practised.

The team now passes into the hands of Sue Lee when she takes over as Captain in October. I have learnt a lot about captaining the team in the last two years and so I will be passing this knowledge on to her in the coming weeks. I will no longer be involved next year but I just want to say to the team how much I have enjoyed being a part of the Bucks team, with you both as a player and as your captain and I am still positive that it is just a question of time. Keep practising.

Carole Weir
First Team Captain