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Delegates' Meeting Minutes 4th July 2007

Carolyn Howell, County Captain
Connie Frazer, County President
Bernie Howe, 2nd Team Captain
Helen Mines, Hon. Secretary
Phillipa Cook, Competitions Secretary
Di Bovey, Handicap Adviser

Ros Warren, Harewood Downs
Mary Jefferies, Hazlemere
Lorna Robertson, Beaconsfield
Julie Reardon, Richings Park
Valerie Dexter, Princes Risborough
Enid Hope, Datchet and Farnham Park
Sue Woodward, Burnham Beeches
Janet Fountain, Denham
Jean Morkill, Denham
Jill Davies, Flackwell Heath
Angela Humphries, Weston Turville
Iris Millar, Ellesborough
Jane Burns, Harleyford
Pat Child, Stoke Park
Mary Arthur, Woburn
Tina Thomas, Iver
Christine Honour, Wycombe Heights
Meg Williamson, Lambourne
Linda Pringle, Huntswood
Di Gilbert, Huntswood
Lesley Seiler, Chesham & Ley Hill
Mollie Hunt, Stowe
Joy Biggs, Whiteleaf


Georgie Cairns Honorary Treasurer
Carole Weir County Training Officer
Gill Warner Seniors Captain
Karen Platt SE ELGA Representative
Lynda Hilton Assistant Secretary

Ann Pullan Wavendon
Judy O'Keeffe Oakland Park
Lesley Bednarek Mentmore
Donna Caldwell - Gerrards Cross
Diana Strange Denham,
Jacqueline Ash Magnolia Park
Shirley Kehoe Little Chalfont
Val Cannon Chartridge Park

Were taken as read and signed accordingly.

Page 3 - Item 5. Five Buckinghamshire clubs actually played in the London Foursomes; Beaconsfield, Burnham Beeches, Denham, Ellesborough and Harleyford. Beaconsfield beat Denham in the semi-finals but sadly were beaten in the final.

I�d like to welcome you all to Gerrards Cross and thank them for allowing us to hold our meeting here again.
The Championship was held at Beaconsfield on 4th - 6th May. We had an excellent weekend for weather, if you can remember sunshine shone continuously, and consequently the golf standard was very high. Nicole Whitmore of Woburn became County Champion beating Julie Cooper of Beaconsfield in the final. The county team was announced being, Nicole Whitmore and Sarah Mace of Woburn, Danielle Montgomery (Lambourne) Tasha and Steph Gough (Ellesborough), Clara Leathers and Holly Small (Ellesborough), Vicki Harris and Julie Cooper of Beaconsfield and Kelly Knight (Magnolia Park).

Prior to the County Championship we had warm up matches with Middx. At Crews Hill, we lost 3� to 4�. We had a match against the Denham men in the pouring rain at Denham. Due to the weather some of the matches were shortened. Although I had arranged warm up matches with Ellesborough and Woburn men, these had to be cancelled due to lack of support. There was also a match organised with Bedfordshire, but due to my mix up with sending the team to the wrong club, Aylesbury Park and not Aylesbury Vale, the match did not take place understandably. The girls did however have 9 holes despite the fact that it was pouring once again.

There was a Vice Captains� meeting in April which is a �get to know� the Executive and fellow vice captains, and we gave a quick resume of ELGA�s proposals for change.
We had the ELGA presentation for the Delegates at Beaconsfield which was very well attended and some positive thoughts came out of this. More on the results later. The Executive then met to discuss our recommendations and thoughts resulting from the presentation and sent a letter outlining these. The letter was published onto the Bucks website for all to read.

We had a Junior Organisers� meeting at Weston Turville on May 24th to which only 10 representatives came. The Junior committee were there in force and produced lots of information on how to encourage juniors to come and play golf. We were disappointed with the response to this meeting. A questionnaire has been sent to all clubs re the situation with regard to juniors and we urge you to reply to this regardless of whether you have juniors or not. We are hoping to steer juniors towards clubs and need to know what is on offer at each club.

County Week at Goring and Streatley:
We had two stars in the team, Danielle Montgomery from Lambourne and Nicole Whitmore from Woburn. They played together in the foursomes and won 3 out of 4, and in the singles Danielle won 4 out of 4 and Nicole 2� out of 4. They made a huge contribution to the week. We won 14� matches and came 4th out of 5. Hants won 22, Herts 20, Oxon. 19�, and Berks 14 matches. Hants go on to the regional final which is being played on Thursday.
All the golf was of a very high calibre and each County has obviously worked very hard to improve their position with new talent. I felt we had a very strong team but it was not to be. However, we had a lovely group and a very happy one and a very nice Hotel to stay in not too far away from the golf course. We have learnt a lot from this week; look to certain changes in selection procedure. If you care to look on the web site you will see all the results and photos of the team. Phillipa Cook will be putting more on when she has a moment, but the main event was posted immediately the results came through. I�d like to thank her for her efficiency in getting the results up so quickly.
You may notice that we have changed the uniform slightly. We now have stone coloured trousers/shorts and red shirts, with red/white cap. It looked extremely smart and very together as a team. I was very proud of how they looked.
I would like to thank Carole Weir, and Sue Lee - our team selectors, and Connie Frazer for her support during the week. Unfortunately, Karen Platt our other team selector could not be with us due to health problems. Also to Helen Mines for her organising the caddies, with Connie sorting them on the day. Helen was also there every day caddying which was no mean feat as Goring is somewhat hilly, never mind the rain.
Also I�d like to thank all the caddies for their support during the week; it is a very important job and gives the team support throughout the week.

For next year we have moved the County Championships a week later, being 9th- 11th May to be held at Buckingham Golf Club. This later date will enable the girls who are away in America to be included. Nicole Whitmore is off to Florida, in August on a golf scholarship and we wish her well.

County Week has not been decided as yet as ELGA have decreed that we should accept their changes of groups for 2008. We have not got a venue within our new group and ELGA have offered to find a venue for us as we were all ready to go to North Hants, near Fleet. We are going for late June but this depends on the course that accepts us for the week. ELGA have not taken into account any of our suggestions. Report later.

The S.E. junior championships are being held at Ellesborough on 7th August. Quite a few of our girls entered so support for your members again here please.
The Bucks Shield Final is on Monday 20 August at The Buckinghamshire. Please come along and support your players if they get there.
Junior County week is August 13th to 15th at Haddon Hill, near Abingdon. So plenty of support for your players there too.

Thank you all for assisting us in passing on all the information from County, I know a lot of your members have no interest in County play but you could remind them that if we are not here their daughters, granddaughters etc. will have no structure if they became good golfers.

I would also like to thank all those clubs who have so readily given us the use of their facilities for meetings and competitions. Please pass on our appreciation to your clubs.

Seniors� Captain:

Handicap Adviser:

Competitions Secretary:
Summer Competitions:
Summer Scratch Leagues. The last of the third round matches are currently being played, except in the Silver Premier Division where the fourth round is underway.
The Bucks. Shield. The line-up for the quarter-finals is as follows:- Burnham Beeches at home to Chartridge Park, Buckingham at home to Ellesborough, Beaconsfield at home to Harewood Downs and Woburn at home to Oakland Park. The matches are to be played by 14July with the Finals Day taking place at The Buckinghamshire on 20 August.
The Champion of Champions and Challenge Cup have reached the quarter-final stage.
A copy of the County Championships� match play results is also enclosed in the envelopes.
Winter Competitions:
The entries for the Winter Foursomes are now coming in. The closing date is 31 August � Delegates are asked to encourage ladies to enter this competition. The minimum combined handicap is 18. Please remind your members that the Entry Form for the Winter Foursomes can be found in the Year Book Folder or can be printed off directly from the website.
The Winter League Entry Forms are in the Delegates Envelopes. Please ensure that if your Club wishes to enter the League, the Entry Form is returned by the due date, 15 August. If your Club�s captaincy is due to change in the autumn please enquire of your incoming Lady Captain as to whom the Winter League Contact will be. If at all possible please obtain an e-mail address for the Contact.
The Interclub Foursomes Cup takes place this year at Woburn on 17 October. The Entry Forms will be sent out with the next set of Results Sheets. As usual all trophies are to be returned to me on that day in readiness for the Annual Meeting.
A reminder that the website gives information on all the competition results and any other pieces of news that I receive. Apart from some outstanding photographs it is up to date.
USGA Rating:
The two teams are rating courses throughout the summer months and hope to complete most of the courses by the autumn.
Replacement for Competitions� Secretary:
As I mentioned at the last meeting I have split the job of Competitions� Secretary into two roles. I have a person interested in taking on one of the roles (organising the knock-out competitions) but still have to find someone to do the second part of the job, which is looking after the Summer and Winter Leagues. This is very much a paperwork exercise that could be carried out by anyone who is conversant with the Word and Excel computer programmes, and would not require time being spent at meetings or attending finals etc. Delegates are asked to enquire if any of their members might be prepared to consider taking on the task, and if so to contact me for more details.
As this is my last Delegates� Meeting as Competitions� Secretary after a five-year stretch, I would like to thank the Delegates for the work that they do. In most cases the system works very well and the support given by the Delegates over the years has been much appreciated.

2nd Team Captain:
We have had a mixed bag of results, some being very good, and others not so. All the matches were hard fought and played in the right spirit.
Our match v Oxon at Huntercombe played on Monday 2 April resulted in a draw. The team members were Holly Small, Joanne Robinson, Julie Cooper, Debbie Pollard-Barnes, Harriet Beasley and Kayleigh Giles. We gained one win from the foursomes and three wins and one half from the singles. Many thanks to Huntercombe.
On Friday 13 April we were away at Basingstoke for our match v Hants. The team members were Julie Cooper, Bernie Howe, Sue Lee, Holly Small, Carolyn Harden and Debbie Pollard-Barnes. We lost all three foursomes and gained two wins in the singles.
Monday 16 April saw us playing at Buckingham v Herts. The team was Holly Small, Joanne Robinson, Bernie Howe, Julie Cooper, Sue Lee and Kayleigh Giles. We got two wins and a half from the foursomes and four wins and a half from the singles; a 7 -2 win. With Buckingham being my home club I would like to thank them for their help and hospitality.
Our last match of this year was played on Wednesday 18 April at Pinner Hill v Middx. The team was Carolyn Harden, Debbie Pollard-Barnes, Joanne Robinson, Kayleigh Giles, Bernie Howe and Diane Wilson. We got one win from the morning foursomes and three wins from the singles resulting in a loss of 4 � 5. Many thanks to Sue Lee for travelling over to play in the afternoon singles.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sue Lee, the clubs for their hospitality and especially the team players for their time and dedication.

SE ELGA Representative:

County Training Officer (in absence):
The emphasis is now on junior and birdie coaching. This is now a combination of group and private lessons with Lawrence Farmer. The group lessons are at Northwick Park and the private lessons are at Moor Park since Lawrence is able to teach the girls there without our being charged provided they are not in a large group. They have been given two half hour lessons each but they have to be taken with another member of the squad. This combination has kept costs stable. It also makes the training plan more flexible since as so many good elite juniors have grown they are being used for matches all the time by their clubs and so we have had many occasions this year when the girls have not been able to make the sessions which has been disappointing.
The next group lesson for the elite squad is on the 8th August at Northwick Park. The birdies have a session that day too and also on the 22nd July again at Northwick Park
Northwick Park has agreed to keep the charge to �10 per head for each session. So far they have been very accommodating.
As the current crop of elite juniors are getting older we are now looking to bring on the next batch to replace them when they reach age 18 and leave the juniors. I�m pleased to say we have some very promising girls on the way. However, the junior committee have identified that we need to organise the training differently next year and so we are meeting to discuss that at the start of September. Also a new training initiative is being launched by ELGA. We have just had details of this and been asked if we want to join in. I am awaiting the details and will report on this at the next meeting.

Copies of the ELGA presentation given to representatives from all County Executive Committees were circulated at the meeting and forwarded to delegates not present. The presentation is self-explanatory and in the main is little different from the one given to us at Beaconsfield, but the main points of note are listed below:-
� To change the name of the Association, when incorporated, to �English Women�s Golf Association.�
� The new Regions will be as originally mentioned (ie ELGA rejected our proposal) and the new County Week format will go ahead from 2008. None of the 6 Counties within our new region were due to host County Week under the old structure therefore a course will need to be booked at short notice. Members of ELGA claimed that would be no trouble so we have left it to them to do so. It may well be that the course they book will be in Buckinghamshire and we will have to host County Week again, only three years after doing so at Beaconsfield.
� Divisional, as in our case SE, Championships will go ahead as planned in 2008 and Counties will be asked to run the event, with the assistance of the ELGA Championship Committee and staff, if it is planned for one of their courses.
� From 2009 the Championships, ladies�, girls� and foursomes, will be run in the new regions on a rotation basis.
� The current SE Divisional levy (at present �15 per Club and for the past 2 years paid by Buckinghamshire on Clubs� behalf) will still be collected but ring-fenced to assist with the cost of County Weeks and Regional competitions.
� There will only be one vote per County with no postal or proxy votes. Resolutions will have to be voted on at Club level, with the Delegate bringing her vote to a Delegates� meeting. The Buckinghamshire vote will therefore have to reflect the feelings of the majority of clubs.
� Subscriptions will remain as at present ie will be paid at each club of which you are a member.
� All Clubs with Lady members must affiliate to a County Association or they lose their affiliation to ELGA and consequently their SSS and ability to authorise and maintain handicaps.
� An EGM will be called for Saturday 29 September 2007 at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham; Resolutions and accompanying documentation will be sent to Divisions, Counties and Clubs by w/e 3 August.
It is important that your members� feelings are made known at this EGM. If no-one from your Club is able to attend and vote, you may either send a postal vote or give your proxy to a member of the BCLGA Executive Committee to vote on your behalf.
You may tell the proxy voter to vote �yes�, �no� or vote as they see fit.
The Executive Committee are meeting on 1 August to discuss the matter and will publish on the website how they intend to vote and who will be attending and can therefore be appointed proxy.

A training programme was introduced in 2006 piloting 3 Counties, to co-ordinate and support Counties by sharing best practices, resources and funding. The programme helps to achieve the elements of STAY and SUCCEED in the Whole Sport Plan for �England� Golf.
Comprehensive notes on the programme are attached to these minutes.
A meeting is planned for 6 September with Junior Organisers to discuss. Venue tbc.

Carolyn Howell explained that, due to personal circumstances, Karen Platt is no longer able to accept the nomination of Vice-Captain therefore a further nomination must be sought.

The following nominations were proposed by the Executive, seconded by their respective clubs and agreed by the Delegates present prior to being taken to the AGM.
President - Jenny Marshall, Denham
Vice Captain - Vacancy
Junior Organiser - Vacancy
Competitions Secretary - Vacancy (see Comp. Secretary report)

Helen Mines reported that entries for both the Autumn Meeting at Oakland Park and the Seniors� Meeting at Flackwell Heath are very low and asked Delegates to remind club members of the dates. If entries do not increase there is a possibility that the meetings will have to be cancelled. Entry forms can be found in the Year Book Folder and on the website.
On behalf of the Delegates, the President thanked members of the Executive Committee for all their hard work.

AGM - Wednesday 31 October 2007 at Harleyford G.C.
Delegates� Meeting � Wednesday 28 November 2007, 2pm at Gerrards Cross G.C.