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Delegates' Meeting Minutes 27th February 2008

Carolyn Howell, County Captain
Jennie Marshall, County President
Sue Beresford, County Vice Captain
Lynda Hilton, Hon. Secretary
Sue McKeon, Competitions Secretary - Leagues
Karen Platt, Midlands South EWGA Representative
Wendy Smith, Seniors Captain
Veronica Boulter, 2nd Team Captain

Julie Reardon, Richings Park
Sue Mansfield, Richings Park
Jill Davies, Flackwell Heath
Meg Williamson, The Lambourne Club
Margaret Ellis, Denham
Jean Morkill, Denham
Fiona Robb, Buckingham
Enid Hope, Datchet
Christine Honour, Wycombe Heights
Carol Morgan, Farnham Park
Jean Batty, Aylesbury Park
Lesley Seller, Chesham & Leyhill
Sue Woodward, Burnham Beeches
Judy OKeefe, Oakland Park
Donna Caldwell, Gerrards Cross
Iris Millar, Ellesborough
Alison Posgate, Beaconsfield
Ros Warren, Harewood Downs
Diana Procter, Stowe
Valerie Dexter, Princes Risborough
Debbie Cronshaw, Harleyford
Sheila Cadge Weston Turville
Val Cannon, Chartridge Park
Ann Cook, Stoke Park
Sally Gomm, Chiltern Forest
June Marriott, Whiteleaf


Pamela Seller, Competitions Secretary - Bucks Shield & K/O's
Di Bovey, Handicap Adviser
Georgie Cairns, Treasurer
Carole Weir, County Training Officer
Glynis Lawrence, Huntswood
Marilei Baxter, Stoke
Clare Fulton, Woburn

Were taken as read and signed accordingly.


4. CAPTAINS REPORT - Carolyn Howell:
Welcome to you all. Thank you for all you do in communicating between the clubs and county. The more you communicate county news and bring back comments from your clubs. We rely on you to let us know. It seems a long time since the County lunch in January and I hope those that came enjoyed it. The raffle to which you gave most generously made over 500 for my Charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. I would like to thank Woburn for hosting the lunch and the ladies of Woburn for organizing the raffle. Also like to thank all the clubs for providing the raffle prizes.

At the lunch we asked you to endorse two new appointments and
I am delighted to introduce you to Sue Beresford who has kindly agreed to be my Vice Captain. Sue is from Harewood Downs, very efficient I am reliably informed, and will make a great captain for the County.
I am also delighted to introduce Wendy Smith from Ellesborough who has accepted the post of Senior Captain, replacing Gill Warners early retirement as she is moving to Hampshire.

Events :
London Foursomes Camberley Heath (2009). The date for entry has been extended to end February. How many clubs have entered this from Bucks?
2nd Team matches are starting - Veronica will expand on this
Senior matches will be starting in April. I hope you have sent in your availability for these matches. Wendy will expand on this one.
Spring Meeting on April 16th at Harleyford for the 15 handicaps and above.
Vice Captains meeting 23rd April, 11am at Gerrards Cross.
County Championship is at Buckingham a week later than last year on 9th, 10th, 11th May. The first day is the Spring meeting for up to Handicap 14.
To include any qualifying for the match play, Saturday and Sunday.
Please support your club members if they qualify.
County Match Week is week beginning 23rd June to 27th June at Wellingborough. If you decide your members would like to trolley pull on any of the days, we have decided that accommodation will be available, already booked, paid for by the County.

In your envelope today there is a notice advertising for a Regional representative, please do advertise this on your club notice boards.

Our new CJO, Becky Hammel of Harleyford, has handed in her notice due to her pregnancy, which although delightful for her and family, is our loss in the County. So the position of CJO is again up for grabs. If you would like to be involved and help with the juniors they do need a co-ordinator.

Midland South Regional Representative Karen Platt
I attended a Midlands South Regional meeting on February 8th at EWGA in Edgbaston, meeting Ruth Whitehead who is the new EWGA Chairman, the other Regional Representatives from our new Region and various EWGA staff members who gave us a presentation called Driving Womens Golf. There was a chance for us to ask questions and I have requested that this presentation is shown each year at the conference following the EWGA AGM when new Regional Reps take over their roles. I believe that it would give a good background for the job and allow more understanding of EWGAs roles and how communication between EWGA and its members will improve. Pauline Perla was also present and introduced her replacement, Jim Robinson as CEO.
After breaking for lunch, Anne Andrews chaired our regional meeting with Ruth Whitehead sitting in. No EWGA staff were present. As discussion ensued, it became clear that whilst we may have differences within our new region re competitive golf , particularly junior golf, we were all keen to make the new region workable to the benefit of all our members. We were able to freely discuss the wide range of activities and opportunities from youngsters to seniors, what worked, what didnt and we quickly realized that whilst this transition stage may not be easy, it could give us all new opportunities to bring back to our respective county executive committees and yourselves.
The only disappointment I did have was that the minutes from this meeting have not yet been approved and therefore I am restricted in what information I can give you today. However, having thought about the meetings schedule, I believe in 2009 we will be able to diarise all the meetings from the Management Board through the Operational Board, then the Regional meetings to the Executive meetings and then yourselves so that the information is passed as quickly and efficiently as possible with the Executive having time to discuss and raise relevant issues and interpret how they affect County Golf.

Club Delegates
As Carolyn has already mentioned, your role is vital and whilst it is currently not a requirement to be on your Ladies Committee, it is expected that you are invited to attend their meetings to deliver your reports. This role would work 2 ways, with any issues a Club wishes to raise to go via yourselves to the County Secretary, then the Regional Representative and then on to the Regional Chairman, Anne Andrews or the Regional Administrator Sue Boulter. The aim is to create this chain so that when the Operational Board meets, any recurring issues may be dealt with correctly rather than by Chinese whispers.
My new role also includes the collation of Delegate information. The ultimate aim is for this information to be available on the EWGA website but as there are Data protection issues, this information will purely be for administration at the moment. I believe that Lynda already has most of this information now so I shall liaise with her but if there is anyone here who knows of any changes that should be made today, please let us know after this meeting.

Carolyn has already mentioned the London Foursomes. I no longer receive any information about this competition as it was previously run by the now disbanded SE Division. Perhaps you can let us know whose entry has been successful!
Entry forms for the SE Championship are in your packs today. It will be held at Chipping Norton Golf Club, July 15th 17th, please encourage your members to enter as this is the Championship held over from our old region and will be under review for 2009.
The venues and information on how to obtain entry forms for EWGA competitions were all sent to the Ladies Secretaries of clubs in January (show mail out). I now also receive this information so if anything does go missing, hopefully we can access it quickly between us.

New Regional Representative
I would have liked to report that I have received a flood of enquiries about my role following the job advertisement on our website and several pleas through these meetings. However, this hasnt happened so I think I just havent sold it very well!
It is a fantastic opportunity for someone to take an active role in encouraging ladies and girls to enjoy their golf whether competitively or as a social day in the sunshine. I have made new friends, visited new golf clubs and motorway stations, tried to revive my brain, drunk several coffees, been part of an ongoing modernization, had several funny moments and even more senior moments. But most of all, I believe that I have repaid in some small part, the opportunities and pleasure this great game has given me in Buckinghamshire.

I therefore ask all of you to help find my replacement at an exciting time for ladies and girls golf.

Joint Competitions Secretary - Sue McKeon
Im giving the full competition report today in Pams absence and there is quite a lot of information from us in the envelopes today.

We are in the middle of the sixth round of this years competition with one more round to go and there is an up to date results sheet for your club board enclosed. At the beginning of the week I was chasing up results from round five, which finished on February 11th. Some results have taken as long as 30 days to reach me, a week is quite usual and only half arrive within the stipulated 48 hours, one reason why the web page may not always reflect what the players involved think it should. There was a technical problem in round four, for which we apologize but I rely on the team captain of the day to send the results through promptly; delays affect the web page update I cannot ask Phillipa to post a result I do not have! Docking the home team points for tardiness in reporting the result is not a path I wish to take but we are now entering the final and exciting stages of the competition.
E-mail post fax - phone call I dont mind but I would like the results sent the day of the match whenever possible. Thank you for passing all of that on to the winter league organizer at your club.

The Summer 2008 Scratch Leagues documents are in the envelopes. Please pass the information on, as in previous years, the competition runs from 1st April to September 13th. The reference to sending me the result, by e-mail, post or fax within 48 hours is in bold throughout! The Results Sheets for all the divisions in the silver league and bronze league are also in the envelopes, for you to display and complete as the rounds progress with results posted on the web site.

The Winter Foursomes, I am pleased to announce the Finalists are Gail Sharp and Judith Arnold from Gerrards Cross and Maura Spencer and Rona Barford from Lambourne. The arrangements for the Final are in hand, Denham the preferred venue and details will be on the website shortly.

Those Clubs whos Champion has entered the Champion of Champions 2008; the draw, rules and contact details are in your envelopes. Thank you for passing those on to your club champion as quickly as possible.

And finally, you will all find a notice to put on your club board regarding entries for the Challenge Cup, County Championship and Spring Meeting A and B. Please post in a prominent position and encourage your members to participate. We plan to issue similar notices at relevant periods through the year to bring members attention to the competitions coming up, closing dates, where entry forms can be found and who to contact for more information.

2nd Team Captain - Veronica Boulter
Since the last Delegates Meeting in January the venue for the match against Berkshire has changed from Temple Golf Club to Goring and Streatley, although the date of the 5th April remains the same.

From names provided by the 7 Delegates and other sources I compiled a list of around 30 players under a 12 handicap. Some of these had previously taken part in 2nd team matches but there were some new names to add.

At present I have selected the teams for the 5 matches being played during March and April. The first match takes place on the 8th March at Welwyn Garden City. Taking part in this match are players from Gerrards Cross, Beaconsfield, Ellesborough, Harleyford, Woburn and Burnham Beeches.

Wherever possible I am attempting to involve the younger players, however I am still asking past 2nd team players to take part as their experience is important to the team as a whole. Amongst the new players coming up there is a great deal of talent and I have no doubt they will successfully move through the 2nd team to the 1st team.

I shall be writing to the Lady Captains of the 3 home matches, namely Buckingham, Harleyford and Gerrards Cross in the next few weeks to ask for their support in rallying their members , either to appear in a host of red jumpers, or to volunteer as trolley pullers for the afternoon singles matches. It would be such a boost to the team to have this support and I do ask your help in promoting these matches in your Clubs. It would be nice also if you could all use your powers to think of good weather and good luck to be on our side.

A week ago I arranged a 2nd team match practice get together for 20 players at Magnolia Park This was not a serious event and participating were some past 2nd team players and some names that you had provided me with from the 13 downwards handicap range. There was some food, golf tuition by the Professional and a round of golf and I believe it proved to be a successful formula. I am extremely grateful to Magnolia Park for extending courtesy of the course to us and to the County for funding this event.

To conclude, my thanks to the 7 Delegates who provided names of players but it would be very helpful if all the other Delegates could do the same, even if they think I might already know who their players are. I shall look forward to hearing from you.

Dont forget the home matches take place on:-
25th March at Buckingham G.C., 8th April at Harleyford, 14th April at Gerrards Cross.
Please encourage your members to rally together to support the girls and hopefully to trolley pull for the afternoon singles.

Training Officers Report Carole Weir
The winter training programme has now started in earnest.

We now have two squads of girls involved in EWGA training programmes where they are getting not only coaching but also physio help and training in such areas as nutrition, hydration etc. The two squads are made up of the Eagles which are girls aged 14-18 and lower handicaps. There are six girls in this squad. Then there are the Birdies which are girls aged 10-13 who show a lot of enthusiasm and promise and Im pleased to say that we have 8 girls in that squad. They are each getting 4 full days on this course between now and June. They have already had an induction day and that went very well. The ladies from EWGA were very impressed with Bucks young talent. At the moment only 12 counties are getting this training from EWGA so we are lucky to be amongst the first to benefit. EWGA is paying most of the cost.

At county level we are continuing to work with Lawrence Farmer. We are still using Northwick Park for those lessons. Our emphasis is still the short game and will continue to be so. The squads involved in that training are the first team and the elite juniors. Elite juniors have now been defined as girls with a handicap of 20 or below. We have also introduced a further squad that covers girls with a handicap of 20 -30 who will also now get training with Lawrence during the summer at Northwick Park. As their handicaps improve then they will move from one squad to another.

A decision has been made that the county will now only give training with Lawrence once the girls get to 30 handicap so that our resources are properly targeted. However, we will still be running pre-handicap sessions at Wycombe Heights and also some activity days for girls that have their gold badges to encourage them to go on with their golf once they have got there. Those that show particular promise will be earmarked for the EWGA Birdie training sessions when we have space.

We are now in a period of transition as the better players amongst the girls move out of the junior ranks and we build up the playing abilities of the new girls that are coming through. We may need to be patient but the efforts of all those involved in this programme for our juniors and first team will pay off in the end.

If you would like to get involved in the training programme then we would love to see you. We always need help. If you are interested then please contact Carole Weir.

Seniors Captain Wendy Smith
Thank you Carolyn for your welcoming words and good afternoon ladies.

It would be very helpful to me if club delegates could point out the Senior Match Forms in the Yearbook at your Clubs - to qualify for matches you generally need a handicap of under 14 and be over 50 years of age on 1st January. However, we have a friendly greensomes match against Berkshire Vets on 7th April at Calcot Park which is for silver players and for some reason this date seems to be getting a slow response

These matches are a wonderful way to represent your county and play a few different courses.

Honorary Treasurer Georgie Cairns
The annual Capitation levies from clubs were due on 1st February 2008 and need to be paid by 31st March 2008 for clubs to retain their affiliation to the County and to EWGA. Reminders will be sent out to those clubs who have not yet paid at the beginning of March but any gently prompting that delegates might be able to do would be much appreciated.

Without it being a name & shame exercise, the following clubs have not yet paid up:

Aylesbury Golf Centre Ellesborough Little Chalfont
Aylesbury Park Farnham Park Magnolia Park
The Buckinghamshire Hazlemere Princes Risborough
Chiltern Forest Huntswood Tattenhoe
Denham Iver Wavendon
Weston Turville
If your club is mentioned in the list above, you will see you are not alone. If you are able to speak to your club secretary/manager or whoever deals with things financial, that would be a great help and will save me pestering them with those nasty reminder letters!

All this is obviously very important for those clubs who have entered the Bucks Shield and other summer competitions.

Meg Williamson The Lambourne Club
Was pleased with the print out for the winter league & summer comps as they gave a lot of detail.
What is countys view on GPS systems?
- The R & A and CONGU both state that they are permissible on golf courses who have adopted a local rule that allows the use of electronic measuring devices.
- [see CONGU 2008 handbook - page 83 - Dec 1(k)]
- Bucks County are to discuss the subject at their next Executive Committee Meeting to be held in two weeks time. They will discuss how GPS systems figure in county competitions.
Meg Williamson The Lambourne Club
How will the 9 hole qualifying competitions work?
- The golf club has to decide which nine holes they want to use, front, back or compilation, then contact Di Bovey, county hcap advisor, who will then contact EWGA. EWGA will then give a standard scratch for the designated 9 holes.
- This could take a long time for clubs who have only just had a course assessment because the 9 hole S.S. is based on the latest course assessment.
- A 9 hole qualifying competition must be run as an organised/designated competition.
- EWGA sent a mail-out pack to all club secretaries in January 08 which included the above information as well as all national competitions.

Enid Hope Datchet
Is it correct that the 9 hole comps are aimed at the infirm and people with limited time?
- A 9 hole qualifying comp is for the infirm and people who cant compete on a regular basis in qualifying competitions so that they might have an up to date handicap.

Alison Posgate Beaconsfield
Can the county have their annual lunch in the south of the county please?
- The Executive will discuss this at their next meeting. It has been suggested already

Donna Caldwell Gerrards Cross
Falling numbers in the county 15+ handicap competition is a matter of concern. The feed back from GX members is that they dont want another qualifying comp on a strange course.
They would like a team game or non qualifying comp. Will the county consider this option?
- EWGA would frown on Bucks County is they did not offer all lady members a qualifying competition and only offered fun comps. They are looking for fairness for all. They would definitely not accept a reduction only competition
- The Exec will discuss at their next meeting.
- The autumn meeting, for all handicaps, has already been changed to a 3 ball alliance.

Judy OKeefe Oakland Park
The reason to abandon a competition format must be the numbers of entrants and not what EWGA wants to see.

Jean Batty Aylesbury Park
Who is dealing with course standard scratch as we have been assessed but not heard anything yet?
- Phillipa Cook is in charge.
- She will have sent it to EWGA so you have to wait until they have processed her submission. It has to be computerised.

Enid Hope Datchet
Full hcap in match play, can club committees cap entries?
- Only in ongoing competitions where there is capping already.
- Not in new comps from 1st Jan 08.

Ann Cook Stoke Park
With our in-house championship, can we create two divisions?
- You can have two separate competitions.

County Captain Carolyn Howell:
County Week this year is at Wellingborough with our new regions counties. We have six counties in the new region, so we will be playing for 6 days without a rest day, because of this Wellingborough GC have asked the other five counties is they would give courtesy of some courses in case any of their members want to play golf during county week.
Would you ask you respective clubs if they could offer courtesy of the course to Wellingborough?
This would be on a reciprocal basis for the following years.

Veronica Boulter 2nd Team Captain is now in charge of the sale of the counties clothing. Older stock is now at sale prices !!!!!

2pm Wednesday - 21st May 2008 - Gerrards Cross Golf Club.